How to Ride the Jeepney in the Philippines by MoymoyPalaboy

Philippines Jeepney

I found this video when I was just looking for any video that have at least a Jeepney in it. Luckily, MoymoyPalaboy has a tutorial in how to ride the Jeepney here in the Philippines. 

So I thought, this may be very helpful to you guys when you visit here. It would be great that you could be able to try to ride the Jeepney and experience the Filipino lifestyle.

Here it is, the MoymoyPalaboy tutorial on how to ride the jeepney in the Philippines!

Everything in here correct but there are points that are not that important. So I want to discuss it with you guys!

Let’s start at the part where the passenger asked “Magkano po hanggang Recto?” which in English “How much is it ‘till Recto?”. Recto is a place in Manila Philippines. 

The jeepney has actually an exact number of how many passengers can sit on each side. In the video where the barker said “Siaman po yan, kunting ipit lang” means that the seating is 6-6. 6 on the right and 6 on the left so that’s a total of 12 that is excluding the front seat. Since the jeepney is almost full, the barker asked the passengers to move a little so that the seating will be exact.

If the jeepney is full, you as a passenger can then said that it’s full but in the video, the passenger said “sagad na po, di na po kasya” which means that the jeepney’s full. The exact seating can’t be done. This usually happens if the passengers or some of the passengers are large ones.

The two seats in front as said in the video is for the college girl students. Not really necessary, that seat could be used by anyone. I don’t know in Manila, but here in Cebu Philippines it’s okay that someone else will sit there.

Philippines Jeepney

Paying your fair...
In paying the fair, you can just pass your payment through the other passengers. This is what usually some foreign people are amazed to us the Filipino. We don’t snatch it, we actually give it to the jeepney’s personal barker or the jeepney driver. There’s no necessary angles or calculations in reaching out. As long as you asked politely, it’s alright. 

Just a reminder though, do not give big amount of money. Transportation here is cheap, the current minimum fair here in Cebu is 7 pesos. So just give at least the exact amount or the smallest bill you have.

While ridding the Jeepney....
The sitting position has no necessary angles and calculations. Just sit properly and as the tightest that you can sit with the other passengers. So that everyone can sit enough. If your not comfortable with your seatmate just ask politely for him to sit properly because you’re uncomfortable already.

If you’re sleepy, you can hold on the handle (again, no necessary angles) that is on the roof top of the jeepney and lean your head to your arms that is holding the handle. That’s the usual position in sleeping in the jeepney, you can also experiment with your own as long as you’re not going to disturb someone else.

Stopping the jeepney...
If you are near in your destination, you can halt the jeepney to stop. 

Philippines Jeepney
You can use your coin in tapping the handle in the jeepney or knock the rooftop of the jeepney. Some use the kissing sound to stop the jeepney or some just say “para po...” which is asking the jeepney driver to stop.

Don’t forget to check your belongings before or after you go down in the jeepney. Specially on the items that are expensive. Beware of some pick pockets while you’re in the jeepney and to snatchers when you go down in the jeepney. 

Hope this will help you in your adventure here in the Philippines! ‘Till next time here in Exotic Philippines...

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