THIS IS IT! Cebu Dancing Inmates Michael Jackson Tribute

Cebu Dancing Inmates

I don’t know of you heard about the Cebu Dancing Inmates but if don’t or haven’t heard of them yet, they’re prisoners in a prison here in Cebu Philippines that dance inside the prison and as far as I know play and dance Michael Jackson’s songs.

They’re pretty good for a group. They’re not just 10 persons, not 25, and not 50. They’re around a thousand maybe, I don’t know exactly how many but you do the counting in the video below.

They’re not professional dancers, but this is part of their rehabilitation. They just come out with the idea and here they are now, taught by Michael Jackson’s dancers and choreographer Travis Payne in how to dance and make an official video for it. So do check it out!

I don’t know if you’re amazed or what. But for me, for a bunch, or let’s say a crowd of people they’re pretty well organized. It took them just 2 days to practice and make this final video.

Everyone is amazed and touched even MJ’s choreographer have put to tears. Their video got thousands of views and people visit the prison to see them in person dancing! Prisons in the Philippines are now doing these too! We have the Quezon City Dancing Inmates, The Manila Philippines Dancing Inmates and hopefully more and more prisons would include these in their programs or rehabilitation.

Don’t worry guys! They’re totally nice. Some of them are rapist, murderer, robber, etc. but they wont really harm you. See, we the Filipino people are really nice as long as you’re nice to us too. Hear it from the CNN reporter Anna Coren who personally go there, interviewed this dancers and watch them perform.

I just wish…
I just wish Michael Jackson saw this before he left us. He would have seen how much people from all over the world have loved him and how much he have made and inspired them in their own lives. Travis even said there would be even a possibility that Michael would come to the Cebu Island to dance with these Cebu Dancing Inmates, but sadly, he left us before these guys got discovered.

I just wish that all prisoners from all over the country or hopefully all over the world can shift their selves to this. Not exactly dancing maybe, but something they would love to do (hopefully they don’t love doing some crimes). In this way, they could've a better and brighter life waiting for them outside because they’ll discover themselves inside the prison.

I hope..
I hope that these guys, the Cebu Dancing Inmates would get a great chance in their lives. A chance to change and put their lives in the right direction, a chance to live peacefully, freely and peacefully with their family

Hopefully, they’ll get that. But the problem is, if they want to get out of prison when they have all of this fame. LOL. But really, if you were them, will you still want to go out in prison? You’re famous, you dance! You love what you are doing and you eat 3 times a day…

Lastly, I hope people wont die for getting in this prison to be a part of the Cebu Dancing Inmates. Let’s just hope they wont do any crime and confess about it so they get to be in this prison. (LOL. Just kidding!)

So guys and gals… If you've got hands, type in your thought of the Cebu Dancing Inmates!
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