Filipino Food: The Famous Balut with Mikey Bustos

I just love this guy!

Is that too obvious? Well, he’s so funny and he’s totally good at it.

So for the last time this month, I give you Mikey Bustos’ Filipino Balut Egg Tutorial.

It’s true that most people are disgusted of Balut, especially those foreign ones. But, let me tell you this, not all Filipino love or eat balut. Though all kinds social classes here in the Philippines do eat it, some just don't. Unlike myself, I’ve been eating balut since I was a kid. I can eat up to 5 or 6 balut but I’m trying to control myself now so I just eat at most 3 pieces.

Comparing the balut to the hard boiled egg, balut is tastier and more fun to eat!

Hard boiled egg is dry and I can eat at most 2 pieces of it. I don’t know, maybe it’s too dry or just too much of the yellow part.

Balut, oh balut!

Balut is one of the famous exotic filipino food here in the Philippines. it has like soup in it, white part of the egg, yellow and of course the little baby duck or chicken. 

filipino food
What I usually do is open it and put vinegar inside, and then sip it all! (nam-nam)

When you buy balut the seller will ask “what you want?” or “how many days?”. They ask this because they have 16 and 18 days balut. It means that it is 16 days old and 18 days old when it was steamed (hope I use the right term). Anyway, 18 days old balut egg is older so the baby inside it is already little bit large. 

Sometimes you can feel the parts of it but I usually just swallow it and drink more vinegar.  While the 16 days old balut is smaller than the 18 days old (obviously!).

I’m not an expert balut buyer but what I noticed to some people is that they shake it or weigh it (I think!). I don’t do this because I don’t know what the difference is.

So if you've got a balut buying tips or how to eat balut tips, share it with us through posting a comment down below. 

Come on now! Don’t be shy! I don’t bite!


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