Filipino Language 005: Filipino Accent Tutorial by Mikey Bustos

It’s Mikey Bustos again!

You wont get bored with my Filipino language tutorial today because we’ve got the funny guy Mikey Bustos in the house!

Everything what he says here is true. Yes, it’s totally funny but to be honest it's true. But let me highlight this “WE ALL ARE NOT LIKE THIS!”…

There are some that are and some are not that are like this. We’ve got call centers here so don’t let this ruin your plan of outsourcing here in the Philippines.

You guys know that the Philippines is a third world country, right? There are lot of people here who haven’t finished or at least haven’t been into school yet. We want to be educated, but due to lack of power, budget, and other reasons, sadly not all Filipinos have the opportunity of being and having education.

Some kids, have to WALK MILES to go to school, without transportation, without slippers, with a river to cross, rain or shine, or a school in a flood and just them alone going to school. There are some parents also in tribes that they don’t want their kids to attend school, because they can make use of them more in making them work, like harvesting on a farm, fishing, hunting, or selling stuff.

Anyway, this video is a tutorial about the filipino accent. This could be very helpful to you guys so you could understand what we say if you visit here and you’ll have an idea of what we could possibly mean on what we are trying to say.

Hope you learned and love the video! For more Mikey Bustos just subscribe to his YouTube channel or check out his website.


It’s still Mikey Bustos on Monday for our Filipino Food, only here in Exotic Philippines!

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