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Island Hopping in Mactan to Sulpa Island

Island Hopping in Mactan to Sulpa Island

A couple of weeks ago I was away for a day to “finally” to go for an island hopping just near here in the Mactan island. And one of our stops is the small but beautiful Sulpa island.

When we actually got to the island, we have no plans of staying there since there are bigger and better islands to spend more time at. But when we got there, there are already other tourists setting up for their picnic and some going for a swim and snorkeling. But basing from my view and my guide that it’s a great island to stay at, have a picnic, swim (especially if you’re with kids) but not ideal for snorkeling.

Going to the Sulpa Island

I rented a boat going to the islands, their rate is for the whole day so it totally depends on me on where to go first or what I want to have on my itinerary for the day. I’m not sure if there are other else where you can get a boat, but I was able to get my ride at Parola, in Mactan island which is just in the Cordova area.

You can take a vhire from SM going to Cordova, and take a tricycle or sikad (the passenger type for bicycles) going to the Parola area.

Sulpa Island Expenses

So here are my expenses for my trip going to Parola.

3,000 – Boat Rental Fee.
35 – Vhire going to Cordova (times 2)
20 – Sikad going to Parola (per person rate, times 2)
100 – Sulpa Island entrance fee

The Sulpa Island 

First off, let me share with you my experience and photos I took during my visit to the Supla island which was really beautiful. Sadly, since I didn’t really put my feet on the sands of the Sulpa island, I don’t have any photos within the island but I think people there don’t spend time in the middle of the island but just on its sides. Anyway, it’s really small that you could totally finish touring around it through swimming in a couple of hours.

Island Hopping in Mactan

Guess what's there!? I'm coming Sulpa Island!

Island Hopping in Mactan

I'm so near! Surely, it's small that I could just swim around the island!

Island Hopping in Mactan

I'm getting more nearer! We're actually on the side now, I can see the sand! And look! There are other tourists already.

Island Hopping in Mactan

Ah... The sand! I just want to bury my feet on those sands. Sadly, since the island is actually privately owned, they will ask for a P100 fee for each person. 

Island Hopping in Mactan

 I can totally imagine myself taking a photo shoot there. Or maybe I'm imagining my crazy sister taking her shots there. But I can swim near there!

Island Hopping in Mactan

Here are the little boats that we call banka. I'm not sure who's riding this but I'm guessing it's the other vendors who sells stuff or the guests in the island.

Island Hopping in Mactan

Let's have another look of those sands. I think my niece will totally love it here. It's actually low tide when I was there, and that's why I'm quite sure that kids won't drown here. I've dipped my legs to see how deep it is it's just a bit above my knee.

There's another island I went to that day, other than the Sulpa Island are Caohagan island, hilutungan island, Nalusuan Island, Olanggo Island, Pandanon island, and other more, So stay tune here at Exotic Philippines!

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