Exotic Philippines – AsiaRooms.com Hotel Guru Reviewer of 2014

Exotic Philippines AsiaRooms Hotel Guru Reviewer of 2014

July 25, 2014 – I woke up early around 6AM and something tells me that I must turn on my laptop (which was easy, because I’m sleeping with it) and check my e-mail. With all the e-mails I get every day, one stand out and read it last. It was an e-mail from the travel community executive of AsiaRooms.com, telling me that I must read their announcement on the winners for AsiaRooms Blogger Awards 2014.

AsiaRooms Blogger Awards 2014 Winners

I was a bit confused at first since there’s no name on that page, but I read the whole thing and saw the link going to the other page wherein the official winners for each category of the AsiaRooms Blogger Awards 2014 can be found which are the following:

Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow
Foodie Blog of the Year

David Burden
Travel Photographer of the Year

Brenden and Julie of Moons Around the World
Newcomer of the Year

Nicholas Buer
Travel Video of the Year

Gay Aida Dumaguing of Exotic Philippines
Hotel Review Guru

Instagram of the Year

I don’t know with you, but someone’s name is familiar just right there!

Yes, we won! Well, technically speaking I won but since you guys (seem to secretly) helped me, let me share this award to all of you guys!

The Prize!

It’s actually stated on the page where you guys voted for me, remember the post when I asked your support for the AsiaRooms Blogger Awards 2014 nominations? If you’ll scroll down a bit, you’ll be able to see more details all about it.

But, let me just say it, the prize is not only the recognition for my blog but also a 300 SGD hotel stay. All I have to do is let them know where and when, and they’ll book me a hotel!

The thing is...

The thing is, I don’t know where to go. I’ve been just roaming around Cebu Philippines these past years so I was thinking going abroad (maybe with a friend or family, I’m thinking of Singapore) or since my blog is all about the Philippines, I was thinking maybe Palawan or Boracay.

So, if you have any request on where I should go to check out the place, please do feel free to leave it as a comment below. I’m actually thinking twice of going outside Cebu since there will be airfare expenses and food (of course) plus the tour expenses. Well, unless there’s someone who’ll love to treat me or give me a free tour in exchange of a blog post and an advertising here on the blog.

Maybe if there are sponsors who wish to have me, the more sponsors in the area the better – and I’ll go there and spend my prize. But then again, let’s not rely on that since there are only few businesses who are really open on blog sponsorship.

Guys and gals, I know I’ve asked you a lot already but if you’re up to it do help me out and give me an idea or suggest a place where I should go. Just leave it as a comment down below!

Lastly, THANK YOU VERY MUCH AsiaRooms.com! I’ll surely share, tweet and post on Instagram my hotel stay.

Photo Credits: AsiaRoom.com

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