How to be a Host and Make Money at

How to be a Host and Make Money at WithLocals

Just few months ago, I’ve written an article all about this new travel website (which you can totally use) called that is totally useful for travelers who wish to come and visit some countries in Asia – including the Philippines soon. Yes, they’ll be including the Philippines soon as one of the countries where you can get and book experiences with locals.

Luckily for me, I was also invited to apply for a job as a WithLocals Ambassador. I was accepted and yes, I am now one of their Ambassadors in the Philippines and I was actually the first Ambassador who they hired from the Philippines. Yes, they hired more than once since it’s a country and they wish to have more ambassador to verify their hosts from around the country – since they really want to start soon here in the country.

I’ll be encouraging everyone to join as a host (well, everyone from Asia), it’s a great way to make money online right at your home and be able to meet people from other countries.

How to Make Money at

You’ll be able to make money at the WithLocals website by offering your experiences on the website. Provide your rate for the experience and the website automatically add 20% of the total price to your price. Therefore, there will be no fee asked from you but it will be added to your price.

TIP: This is how it is computed: Final Price on the Website = Your Rate + 20%

What can You Post and Offer at

It is categorized to 3 types of experience (that’s what they call it) that you can offer at and below are actually just my understanding about the website:

EAT Experience

WithLocals Eat Experience

Obviously, it’s when you offer a type of experience wherein the travelers will eat. But what’s unique and what your experience should be is that it should be at your lovely home. It’s called WithLocals is because the experiences should be with locals but professionals are very much welcome to join but the registered person should be the one who’ll entertain the guests.

You can prepare the food yourself, and serve it to your guests. Have a talk about histories of your country, place or even of your life.

TIP: Most of the time, the EAT experience that are priced around $20 have a lot of bookings. You can serve just few dishes, maybe 2 or 3 dishes – and remember, the $20 rate is per person. And, the EAT experience is more in demand compare to other activities.

TOUR Experience

WithLocals TOUR Experience

Obviously it’s when you want to tour the guests around your town and show them around. What’s great about a tour with a local is that they usually know the people around the town, and know the must visit or see places that travel agencies don’t know about.

TIP: A personal driver who can also do airport transfers and tour seems to be in demand the last months.

ACTIVITY Experience

WithLocals ACTIVITY Experience

The activity experience can be anything from cooking lessons, leather bag making, and workshops or even letting the guests experience the farm life.

How to be a Host at

It’s pretty simple actually. Just follow these four (4) easy steps:

Step #1: Sign Up. Sign up by simply going to the website or just click here to sign up. You may use your Facebook instead but remember what email you used for this (since it’s where we’ll contact you). Don’t forget to complete your profile. A lot of our guests do check the host profile and take a look at the photo – make sure you have a good and clear profile photo.

TIP: If you want to be assigned to me (as your Ambassador), fill out the form below too matching the details you provided on the website so that I’ll be able to notify our headquarters (HQ) that “you’re all mine!” – LOL. I can only be assigned to hosts in Cebu and neighboring islands (e.g. Bohol) but don’t worry, there are other Ambassadors that will be assigned to you that is a lot nearer than I am. If you're lucky, I might be scheduled to visit your area and I might be able to ask them to assign you to me.

Why be assigned to me? Well, because I'll blog about you here in the blog and that can totally help you get bookings.

Step #2: Add an experience. Decide what you want to offer, if you want to offer an EAT, TOUR and/or ACTIVITY experience. Make sure you’re able to provide some details, don’t market yourself here, and market your experience. Don’t worry if you don’t have photos or can’t totally complete it, the Ambassador that will be assigned to you will be able to help you out.

Step #3: Get verified by the Ambassador. One of the functions of an Ambassador (in this case, me) is that I need to verify hosts like you. Verify who you are (if you’re real, not using someone else’s name), you’ll be able to deliver the experience (that’s why I need to experience, the experience itself) and take photos (so you really don’t need to worry about the photos).

TIP: Usually some hosts back out because the verification is not paid, and you must let the Ambassador experience the experience – can be costly. But think of it as an investment, remember that our website already exist, there are people using it and we can totally help you in marketing your experience by promoting it not only on our website but on our social media accounts.

Step #4: Get bookings. Once the Ambassador assigned to you is satisfied and thinks that you should be publish on the website, your experience will be published – but as of today since we haven’t launched yet in the Philippines, your experience will be publish (if you’re in the Philippines) once we’ve launched.

That’s how easy it is. Remember, if you want to meet me (and if you’re in Cebu or the neighboring islands) please make sure that you let me know through filling up the second form (that I created) so I could let the HQ know.

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