Iloilo Airport Domestic Departure Guide

March 4, 2020 – I had a day trip to Iloilo city to surprise a close friend on her birthday. I only can do a day trip since I have my babies who bark at home who are left all alone. Good thing I did, since if I stayed longer I could’ve been stuck there in Iloilo since there was a lockdown due to Covid19 pandemic.

Therefore, please be aware that this guide on the Domestic Flight departure in Iloilo International Airport is PRE-COVID19. Well, actually covid19 is already present in the country and I’m taking the risk but the high security and multiple documents required including a medical clearance was not required when I departed the Iloilo Airport.

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But at least through this post you’ll be able to have the basic idea and familiarize yourself on how the Iloilo International Airport for a domestic flight will look like and where you’ll go. But if it’s for your very first time to fly, you might want to watch this video on the BASICS ON FLYING FOR THE FIRST TIME in an Airport for a DOMESTIC flight.


If you want the video above, you’ll have the basic idea on how to go around in an airport and what steps you’ll go through. So, how about Iloilo Airport?

Here are the following steps that I’ve gone through in the Iloilo Airport:

  • Ticket Check – to ensure that I am the one who’s flying.
  • Security Check – check and scan of my bags through xray.
  • CHECK IN – even though I did have a web check in with Philippine Airlines. I still have to go through the check in counter. While with other airlines, I don’t need to do so.
  • Security Check – another security check before entering the waiting area where the Boarding gates are located.
  • Boarding Gate – our gate was transferred last minute and that’s why you have to listen and not fall asleep. Once called we start exiting through the gate.
  • Boarding – after a few minutes of walking I saw the plane and entered the plane, and have a seat.

If you are like me who prefers a visual to learn faster and will be able to appreciate this better, here’s the video of my whole experience in the Iloilo Airport at that time.

Your experience now might be different since there are changes in all of the airports, all over the world. So there are more documents you need to bring, and things you need to do. So make sure you’re at the Iloilo International Airport at least 3 hours before you’re flight. But with this you’re at least familiar with the steps you’ll go through plus the new steps they’ll require you to take.

If your trip is not necessary, please do stay at home or the current city or province you are at. Being in a closed space is a very high risk to get Covid19. If you do decide to pursue on getting on the plane, please do take care of yourself, don’t always touch your face, use facemask, if possible face shields, and wash your hands.

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