Staying Green in Singapore

Singapore is a success story in terms of countries that worked long and hard for their independence and continued to thrive after. Over 50 years later Singapore is considered to be one of the most popular countries in Asia and has managed to garner the interest of other countries around the world. When Singapore first started as a country, it had nothing to offer to the world or itself. However, it was through good leadership and a lot of initial struggle that Singapore was able to establish a name for itself and is now considered one of the best countries in terms of multiple standards. Its citizens enjoy a lot of privileges and their passport opens doors for them around the world.

If we talk about the good things about Singapore then we have a lot to cover. The first thing we will mention is how clean Singapore has been from the start and how it has managed to stay incredibly clean and waste efficiently to this day. Singapore has a plan to go zero-waste by the new few decades, and if they succeed to accomplish that, then they will be the first country in the world to do so. Apart from their cleanliness, Singapore is also known for its tourism.

Singapore has managed to draw in millions of tourists every year and the numbers are only projected to grow here. Singapore has many sites that will meet the needs of every tourist and the fact that it can cater to diverse tourist needs only adds to its favor. Singapore is also a strong financial hub in Asia and a lot of international investors are interested in investing in Singapore’s market.

If we talk generally, then job opportunities and the standard of living in Singapore also happen to be amongst the best in Asia. Singapore is also opening PR opportunities for foreigners, so if you happen to be interested in Singapore and can see yourself spending the rest of your life there, you can look into HTTPS://APPLYFORPRSINGAPORE.COM/ to fill in your application and learn more about the process so that you are ready with everything once you do leap.

Singapore is slowly becoming the cultural melting pot for Asians because you will find all kinds of Asian immigrants living there ranging from Chinese, Malay, Indonesian and Indian people. This has also managed to influence their culture and you will see this in their food, architecture, and so on.

Another great achievement that Singapore manages to have under its belt is how well it has managed to integrate greenery into their otherwise upscale, urban infrastructure. Singapore has the highest score worldwide in terms of the Green View Index. An Index designed by MIT to measure the number of trees in greenery throughout cities. Singapore has managed to incorporate greenery well with its urban design and you will find this greenery in green walls, atriums, green walkways, artificial parks, etc. All in all, Singapore has established itself as a garden city through and through. If you ever go for a bus tour around Singapore you will notice that there is a small green belt or strip around every road and that the country does not go around cutting off every tree and plant for the sake of urban planning. Policymakers in Singapore have separate bodies that overlook the construction of greenbelts and areas throughout the country to keep it sustainable.

Singapore has created the blueprint that shows that urban planning does not have to mean losing our greenery. Singapore instead works to make sure that their buildings and their greenery continue to complement each other, and this has worked out for them. It has worked so well in fact that Singapore has a separate panel that works to advise other countries around the world on how they can incorporate greenery into their urban sectors. Singapore has, from the start, worked to make a sustainable and eco-friendly urban setup, and they have managed to prove that staying green is not expensive or impossible for countries.

This is why Singapore serves as a beacon of hope to countries that are struggling to manage a greenbelt for their urban centers and districts. This is especially important now because the world population is beginning to grow, and while it is important to make sure that everyone is being accommodated, we also need to make sure that that we have enough greenery around us to not just survive but to thrive as well.

Environmental degradation and enhanced deforestation will only continue to cause more trouble for us as time goes on. This is why if we want to effectively deal with the threat of global warming, then we need to make sure that we, as people, and our governing bodies and policymakers are staying green like Singapore.

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