How to Apply [AS A FREELANCE] for a South Korea Tourist Visa in Cebu? [2020]

January 13, 2020 – I applied for a South Korea Tourist Visa in Cebu. South Korea has never been on the top of my bucket list but because I want to send off my mom halfway to the US, I decided to go to South Korea, at least around Seoul to experience the Korean culture and that’s my primary reason in applying for a South Korea Tourist Visa.

But upon doing some more research, I think there are a lot of things about South Korea that I actually want to see and experience. Especially that they were able to preserve their culture and even the historic sites such as the Palaces and even the village with traditional Korean house.

Anyway, in this article, I as your Cebu blogger will show you how I was able to get an APPROVED South Korea Tourist Visa as a FREELANCER or HOME BASE worker who doesn’t have a stable income, don’t have strong ties, and not much of savings.

How to Apply [AS A FREELANCE] for a South Korea Tourist Visa in Cebu? [2020] G Dumaguing cebu vlogger Exotic Philippines blogger Seoul

South Korea Tourist Visa Requirements

Here is the list of the South Korea Tourist Visa requirements that is given to me by the South Korea embassy or consulate here in Cebu Philippines. They give me this list upon arrival at the South Korea consulate in Cebu to be able to complete and arrange the documents as listed, and they are:
South Korea Tourist Visa Application Form

Of course, you must fill up the application form. For a complete guide and to know how to fill out this form, please refer to this article on "how to fill out the South Korea Tourist Visa Application Form" where I also have my video on showing you how to fill up the form.

Download the latest South Korea Tourist visa application form here.

Passport Size Photo

If you’ll go to a photo studio, just tell them it’s for a South Korea Tourist Visa. They usually know the size, and please make sure to at least look professional or decent. My photo was actually edited, which is usually fine with South Korea since they themselves allow Photoshoped photos on their passport. Just don’t over do it.

Valid Passport

Make sure your passport is at least 6 months valid, it is not damaged, and still have pages to stamp on or else it’s best to RENEW YOUR PHILIPPINE PASSPORT.

Photocopy of Passport Bio Page

The Bio page contains your information, such as name, passport number, etc. You can submit a black and white photocopy of that page of your passport.

Photocopy of Visa of OECD Countries for the past 5 Years

If you’ve visited countries that are members of OECD photocopy those pages of the visas and stamps and submit it along with your other documents. If you don’t have any, it’s totally okay. I don’t have a single one.

Certificate of Employment

This is what freelancers or home base workers usual issues. We’re not technically employed, but since we do have a job, you can ask your client for a certificate of Employment, or at least a letter of Employment. I have a sample Letter of Employment for Visas ready for you, just customize it, and send it to your client to sign. I asked 1 of my client to sign it, that is based here in the Philippines to hope that they’ll consider that as my strong ties here in the Philippines.

Personal Bank Certificate

Go to the bank and branch where you opened your account, and ask for a Bank Certificate. They might charge you for this, but charges will depend on the bank. The bank certificate will show your current balance, average daily balance, date of account opened, etc. These information will help them decide if you’re financially capable, and will not be a financial burden in their country.

Personal Bank Statement

The statement should also come from that same bank. It will show your 3 months transactions, where it will help them see that there are transactions in your account and not just borrowing money to put funds and show them you have money when you actually don’t.

Having a lot of money, doesn’t also guarantee you a visa. I’ve heard some got denied even they have a high salary, high average daily balance, etc.

As for me, Metrobank charged me for both Bank Certificate and Bank Statement for P100.

Photocopy of PRC or IBP card

This is if you have one. It’s fine if you don’t. I also don’t have one.

Invitation Letter

If a company or a Korean have invited you to come to Korea, you should have them write you an invitation letter. Addressed to you, inviting you to Korea. Best if they can state how many days they wish you to stay, who will shoulder the expenses, etc.

Copy of Korean Company Business Permit or Korean Passport

If you’ve been invited by a company, they should provide you the business permit of the company or if you’re invited by a Korean, he/she should provide you a copy of that persons passport to submit to the South Korea Embassy along with other documents for the South Korea Tourist Visa application.


This is the most common issues for freelancers like me. If you don’t have one, like me best to provide a letter of explanation. See below.

Letter of Explanation

If among the requirements that should be applicable you can’t provide, such as the ITR you should provide a letter of explanation why you can’t submit one. At the same time, take advantage to explain to the consul why you want to visit South Korea, and why you should get an approval. If you need a sample letter, I have my own sample Letter of Explanation for visa application ready for you. Please personalize the letter, DON’T (I repeat DO NOT) copy, print, and submit it as is. This sample is just a guide for you.

How to Apply [AS A FREELANCE] for a South Korea Tourist Visa in Cebu? [2020] Seoul G Dumaguing Cebu blogger Exotic Philippines vlogger

How to Apply for a South Korea Tourist Visa in Cebu?

I applied for a South Korea Tourist Visa in Cebu and did not have to go through a travel agency. If you’re not based in Cebu but want to submit in Cebu, you can do so. But you must also go to Cebu on the date that is provided to you on when you can pick up your passport, approved or denied.
If you want a video discussion on how to apply for a South Korea Tourist Visa in Cebu, please watch this video.

Basically all you have to do is arrange the documents mentioned above, prepare at least 1 valid ID so that the building security will allow you to enter the building, and then get your number at the embassy’s security, and wait to be called.

Please take note of the following:
Submission of Application – 9am to 11am, Monday to Friday
Claiming of Passport – 2pm to 4pm, Monday to Friday

For those who wants to find out ahead that they are approved or denied, you can check at most a week before your scheduled date to claim your passport, at this website.

If you have any more questions on how to apply for a South Korea Tourist Visa in Cebu, please let me know down the comments below or contact me through social media. Please don't hesitate to ask to Exotic Philippines travel blog!


Disclaimer: I am not a visa processor, visa expert, or do anything about visas. I am simply sharing my experience and knowledge on how to apply for a South Korea Tourist Visa.

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