The Tops LookOut in Busay Cebu

When I was in college and new here in Cebu, way before I started to your Cebu travel blogger or evens started blogging, and then being a resident for years, I’ve been hearing about this place they call Tops Lookout.

A number of my friends wants to bring me and tag me along with them but they want to come at night and since my brother whom I’m living with is strict, I couldn’t go out at night or even come home late – and late for him was like 6pm. I’ve heard though that it’s hard to get there and can be dangerous, so I never attempted.

But now, after jumping a 30 feet cliff when I’ve done the Cebu Canyoneering, I’ve got a feeling that what I’ve done at the canyoneering is more dangerous. Plus the rise of a number of tourist spots in Busay Cebu, and a number of tourists being able to go there, and of course the progress of Cebu Philippines I’ve got a feeling that it is not that dangerous anymore and is more accessible.

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Tops is located at Busay Cebu City, it is still part of Cebu city but it’s more on the high land part of Cebu city. So it’s colder there and of course, the view is the city.

There are about at least 5 restaurants there that you can choose from, but they’re a bit overpriced which is understandable since it’s on the mountains and they have to transport their food and ingredients from downtown. But if you’re with a group and in a budget, you can totally bring your own food, and eat it at the left side where there are tables and chairs available for you to stay at.

I was able to visit there thrice my entire life, and the entire time I’ve been living in Cebu. And this time I was able to make a video blog about our experience there, and so here’s something you can watch to see what you can expect from the Tops Lookout Cebu.

Entrance Fee: P100 / head
Opening Hours: 11am - 11pm


The easiest way to go there and visit the tourist spots of Busay is renting a car. We rented a van with Cebu Trip Rent a Car, they have cars too just in case you’re in a smaller group. There are also Taxi drivers who offer tours there in Busay but don’t forget to haggle.

Via Habal-Habal (Motorbike with Driver)
You can go to JY Square and there are motorbikes there with a driver that offers to bring you to Busay. Actually they do go to the top tourist spots in Busay, and you can tell them that you wish to go to Tops Lookout. I don’t suggest this for those who have a weak heart, or people that is easily scared. It can be an adventure going up to the hills of Busay.

Via Go to Tops Van
Go to Tops is I believe a transportation van by Tops Lookout but they offer to pick up and drop you off on the top tourist spots there. You can just choose Tops Lookout Cebu, or add other tourist spots like the Sirao Flower Farm, or the famous Temple of Leah. Visit their fan page for the updated pricing and services they offer.

Facebook: Go to Tops

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