Terrazas de Flores Botanical Garden in Busay Cebu

Every time there’s a new place that’s trending in Instagram or Facebook at least that is from here in Cebu. I don’t like pushing myself to get there, because that place will have at least a hundred of people coming in, and that’s no good photo for this Philippines travel blog.

So when I did hear about the Terrazas de Flores, it made me want to go there and visit the place but then again I was thinking about the transportation and the crowd. So I have to wait at least a year for peoples excitement of this place to die down.

I was able to finally visit it with my family for the first time, bringing 4 kids and other 3 adults with me. We rented a van from Cebu Trip Rent a Car since we’re traveling with kids, a senior, and there’s a lot of us for a car. So it’s more worth it to rent a van at least.

Terrazas de Flores Botanical Garden in Busay Cebu G Dumaguing Cebu travel blogger Exotic philippines travel blog philippine vlogger

The Terrazas de Flores

The Terrazas de Flores is among the new tourist spot these days located in Busay Cebu city, it’s a botanical garden that have about 120 different species of local plants and flowers. Do note though that there’s no breath taking flowers here, or not as much as the Sirao Flower farm in Cebu since that’s a flower farm, and this is a botanical garden. But the place is so peaceful, that you can just relax there, eat, and enjoy your “alone” moment, yourself.

But I was not there by myself. And sadly, I wasn’t able to roam around the area because I was also babysitting my 1 year niece, my sister’s daughter who wants me to take care of her baby while she’s here having her vacation with us after 5 years apart. But luckily, I have my teenage nieces, and one of them is Kyle who “kind of” assisted me in making this video so that you guys could take a lot at the Terrazas de Flores Botanical Garden, watch our video!

Entrance Fee: P100/ head (adult)
Opening Hours: 8AM to 12MN

We didn’t dine in there, because our next stop was near a known restaurant, and we’ll just fill our stomach there. But in here my nieces was able to try their own ice cream, and says it was good.

Terrazas de Flores Botanical Garden in Busay Cebu G Dumaguing Cebu travel blogger Exotic philippines travel blog philippine vlogger

I plan to come back here to shoot a couple of sit down videos for my YouTube channel, so please subscribe to my channel and of course follow me on social media if you’d like to see more of the Terrazas de Flores in Busay or more of Cebu, or more about the Philippines!

How to get to Terrazas de Flores in Busay Cebu?

As mentioned above we’ve rented a van from Cebu Trip Rent a Car, if I remember it right we rented it for P4,000 for 10 hours of renting it.

But if there’s just a few of you, you can do any of these.

  • Go To Tops. I prefer this option if there’s only like 2 or 3 of you, and especially if you want to be safe going up there. The road going to Busay Cebu is up, it’s a hill actually so I highly suggest a 4 wheel vehicle when going there. Rate going to Terrazas de Flores in Busay with them will depend if you just want to visit Terrazas de Flores, or just add the other top destinations in Busay – which I highly suggest to take advantage of your time in Busay. Visit their fanpage to get updates about their services and the rates.
  • Taxi. If there’s at most 4 of you, you can pay a taxi for the whole trip, it’s like renting a car, but it’s actually just a taxi. But if you want to be more safe, you can totally rent a car too. But taxi’s are totally fine. But they’re not up for metered trip there, you’ll have to pay them for the entire tour, even if you just want to go to Terrazas you’ll maybe charge an additional of 500 pesos to the meter because the transportation there is hard to get, and there’s not a lot of taxis there.
  • Habal-Habal. I don’t suggest this if you’re not an adventurous type kind of person. But it’s cheap and full of excitement, but yes dangerous. But these drivers are very experienced just follow their lead. My problem with this is that, you’ll most likely have just 1 hour at a destination if you don’t want to be charge for an additional for making them wait for more than an hour.

That’s all I can share at the moment, I’ll try to update this post once I have a revisit and update you as your Cebu travel blogger! But if you have anything to share with us. Feel free to comment it down below!

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