5 Things You’ll Enjoy for Day Use at Skywaterpark Cebu

Although Cebu is an island and surrounded by beautiful beaches, one of the attractions that locals want to have is a waterpark. Not all of us are a fan of a beach, ocean water,that salty water, and want to have a place where kids can have a great and fun time with. Family bonding!

J Centre Mall opened a waterpark for us, and you might wonder where, it’s on its rooftop! It’s called the SKYWATERPARK CEBU!

When my sister got home from the US, after 5 years apart she wants to spend of course time with us, have some boding, bring the kids to a place where we all can have fun, and of course her little patotie to enjoy – who loves to swim! Like me. So I thought it would be nice to share it with you too our experience at the park, since some of you may have been wanting to go there and try it for yourself.

We only get the day use at Skywaterpark Cebu but if you wish to get an accommodation and get an access to the park, stay at the Toyoko Inn which is just right there at the park, also above the mall.

A day at the Skywaterpark Cebu was enough for us. But if you wish to find out what you’ll be able to enjoy for your P1,500 (Php) for a day use at the park, then this is it. In their day use you’ll be able to enjoy…

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There are two (2) swimming pools that you’ll be able to enjoy and have an access to even just for a day use at Skywaterpark Cebu. The safest for the kids is the one with the slides, and a bucket of water pouring. It’s where we spent most of our time with since we have a little kid with us, but the water that day got a little too much chlorine though, it stings! If you’ve been there, let me know if it’s the same with you, leave it as a comment below!

Use of waterpark from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.


As mentioned, you’ll be able to enjoy 2 pools, and the other pool is where adults like us will most likely enjoy. But there’s still a part where kids with at least 3 – 4 feet high can enjoy. This pool though got a part where you’ll be able to see the city of Mandaue, it’s the infinity pool part of the pool.

Be careful here though, don’t let your kids sit on or hang over the infinity pool since they can fall from the building and some parents there are kind of hard headed though the staff there keeps telling them not to do that.

Also, going there is a bit deeper. It’s more than 5 feet, and I’m 5’4” and I have 2 kids hanging on to me to get to see the infinity pool. So just hang on the sides just in case you get cramps.


We actually went there around 1pm (if I remember it right), and I totally forgot that they have this Seb’s Wonderland kind of show for kids where their mascot Seb will be playing with your kids. This actually makes it a lot of fun for kids, family boding, and I love it! But we were too late to join in.


Included for your day use is a dinner buffet, their food are okay. But here’s a tip, grab some desserts first because it can ran out fast. But make sure you’ll be able to finish what you grab, since it’s a buffet.


Says who that kids gets all the fun? While you are having your dinner, there are a group of dancers there that will be entertaining you with Filipino cultural dances, plus a fire show! It showcases Filipino dances, which is great! Though they’re modern, they don’t leave the thought to show guests about Filipinos.

I actually was able to make a video blog about our experience with a day use at Skywaterpark Cebu but I forgot my gopro that day that’s why I was using my sister’s iphone 8 – just to explain about the title.

FUN FACT: The owner of J Centre Mall, Jpark Resort, and Skywaterpark are the same.

I’ve included the entire day of experience at Skywaterpark in the video, to give you the idea what it’s like. And also get insights from my niece.

If you’ve got any questions about our experience there, let us know! Leave it as a comment below!

- The 1,500php day use we had is for a sunday. I am not sure if there's a weekday.
- 1,500php is per person, adults and kids 12 years old and above.

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