Go Karting in Cebu

One of the things I’ve been wanting to do is driving, up to now even when I am 30 years old, and got this Philippines travel blog first before anything else, I don’t have a driver’s license because my mom is overprotective of me – thinking I’ll go into accidents. Well, because when I was young I was in a multiple bicycle accidents. So that’s reasonable. LOL.

So that’s why if you’ve noticed I have fun driving ATVs like when I was having the Extreme ATV adventure at Puerto Princesa Palawan and I have to say I’m very interested with Go Karts.

Go Karting in Cebu Kartzone Cebu

Finally, I was able to try it with Channel and Moh here in Cebu at Kartzone Cebu. I thought for years they’re closed, they don’t exist anymore but when we were hanging out near that area Moh did say it’s still around and we did have it a go and try out Go Karting in Cebu Philippines.

I’ve got to say, this gave me an idea on how it’s like to drive a car. I’ve never driven one even just for a second, though we used to own a number of cars when I was little but my father keeps on reminding me not to touch or do such things so that I won’t get into an accident.

Go Kart Cebu Price and Rates

They have 2 different go kart that you can rent. One of it is that it have a passenger, so it’s great for those who have kids, and want their kids be as the passenger, but driving go kart is great too for kids! As long as they do follow instructions and knows how to listen to an adult.

Single Seater Kart – P425 / 8 laps
Twin Seater Kart – P450 / 8 laps

We only have the 4 laps because my arms are already shaking and not used with this. So, you can go for the 4 laps but they only have that on certain hours and days here are the rates.

Monday – Friday / 10 am – 3 pm
Single Seater Kart – P225 / 4 laps
Twin Seater Kart – P250 / 4 laps

For those who are a fan of go kart maybe you also want to check out their HAPPY HOUR with these rates:

Monday – Friday / 10 am – 3 pm
Single Seater Kart – P325 / 8 laps
Twin Seater Kart – P350 / 8 laps

Do note that you can’t swap drivers or passengers when you start and you must continuously drive. So, if it’s your first time, go for the 4 laps first and see if you can go for the 8 laps.

Kartzone Cebu Location

Kartzone Cebu is located near Sykes, just at the back of Burger King. For those who are thirsty or hungry, or even want to take a light snack, there are stores just right there at Kartzone Cebu! So no worries for your tummies! - Yes, that's what I was looking for right after we arrived there.

If you have any more questions about Go Karting or Kartzone Cebu please do feel free to leave your questions and comments down below and I'll try to answer it as your Cebu travel blogger! But it's best to ask Kartzone for any updates or check their fan page if you're planning to go there since they do have events there from time to time.

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