DIY Mactan Island Hopping – Rates, Expenses, Islands, and More!

Last year I’ve made a travel blog post on an island hopping to Pandanon Island from Mactan Cebu. Pandanon Island is actually part of Bohol, but can be accessed and added to the Mactan Island Hopping if you want to for an additional fee.

So in this blog post I’m going to share to you details on Mactan Island Hopping rates, especially if you decide to have a DIY Mactan Island Hopping. Of course, I’m going to include the islands for you to choose from, and its entrance fees. But just in case I’ve missed to add anything, please feel free to ask for it down below the comment or feel free to contact me on the official Exotic Philippines Facebook fan page!

DIY Mactan Island Hopping boat rental blog

First off, if you prefer to go for a travel agency, please check out this video. It’s my Mactan island hopping experience with a travel agency. So that you can compare the different, especially when it comes to the boat. See if you prefer the boat from a Cebu travel agency, or just want to go and do the DIY Mactan Island hopping yourself.

The DIY Mactan Island Hopping

I’ve actually done the DIY Mactan Island hopping a number of times, but this is the first time that I’ve actually documented it well or even have the care to document it. And also be able to know the rates since I have to be the one to arrange everything since this was my secret mission – my mom didn’t know my sister was coming home early so that’s why.

Anyway, please watch this video so you’ll be able to compare our experience. In the video I’ve also stated some stuff that can be important for your experience.

Island Hopping Boat Rental Rates

There are different sizes of boats available but here are your choices.

Medium Boat (Class A / 10 – 15 persons capacity) – P3, 000
Medium Boat (Class B / 10 – 15 persons capacity) – P2, 700
Medium Boat (20 persons capacity) – P3, 500
Large Boat (25 persons capacity) – P4, 500
Large Boat (30 persons capacity) – P5, 500

If there’s less than 10 of you, just like us. I highly suggest just go for the medium boat. I’ve tried the smaller boats and it made me dizzy. I don’t have any motion sickness but I was a bit dizzy back then, and also if you’re unlucky the waves might be big so the ride can be tough if you go for smaller boats. The medium boat would be enough.

In the boat rental there’s 2 – 3 men included in the boat. They don’t serve as tour guides though, they’re just there to help you unload and load on the boat and get you to the island where you want to go.

NOTE: the boat I was on the first video (with a travel agency) is good for 30 persons.

The Mactan Islands and Entrance Fees

In the Mactan Island hopping, you’ll be able to choose 3 islands that is included in the boat rental, which are:

(Mactan Island) – (Entrance Fee)
Gilutungan Island – P100 / head
Nalusuan Island – P200 / head
Caohagan Island – P200 / head
Sulpa Island – P100 / head
Olango Fish Sanctuary – P50 / head

If you wish to go to Pandanon Island you must add an additional fee of P700 on top of the boat rental for the additional gas going to the Pandanon Island (entrance fee: P150 / head)– the island is about an hour away from Mactan Island.

Tip: Your boatman will do this if you just want to swim. Don’t dock your boat in the island so you won’t pay any fees. But if you want to step on the island you’ll be asked for these entrance fees.

What are the islands that I suggest for you to go?
I highly suggest the Pandanon Island but it’s not that great if it’s low tide if you can see in the video. If you love to see fish swimming with you and not scared of you, then go to Nalusuan Island. The two (2) islands can make you feel so tired already so you might not want to swim anymore on the third. But just in case, a lot of people and locals do suggest the Caohagan Island but Olango is also among the known islands in Mactan.

If high tide the destinations are Pandanon, Gilutungan, and Caohagan.
If low tide the destinations are Pandanon, Gilutungan, and Nalusuan.

Island Hopping Food Menu and Rates

If you’re like us and don’t want to bother anymore in bringing food and drinks with you. Just want to enjoy the moment and want the tour provider to take care of the food, then here’s the menu.

1. Pork
2. Chicken
3. Vegetables
4. Rice
5. Fruits
6. Softdrinks
7. Bottled mineral water

Rate: 250 / head

There are island hopping tour providers that will offer buffet lunch for larger groups. But since there are only 4 adults in our tour, we’re satisfied with this. We actually didn’t eat all these and their food is delicious!

Mactan Island Hopping Boat Rental and Location?

Please note that the DIY Mactan Island hopping is not sponsored, so we actually paid for the boat and everything and I didn’t even introduced myself as a Cebu travel blogger, or even mention this Philippines travel blog. We rent the boat from:

Rico Guzman
Mobile: 09228361941 and 09171508497
Landline: (032) 406-1407

But if you want to go with a Cebu travel agency, do contact:

Cebu Trip Tours
Mobile: 0917 627 8855
Landline: (032)384-5955 OR (032)350-5029

The travel agency have a different port since their boat is docked on different part of the island, and they’ll take care of you on how to get to go there and back to your hotel. But if you go for the DIY it’s actually on the port of Cordova which is still part of Mactan Island here in Cebu.

Port Address:
Cordova Roro Port / Parola
Brgy Poblacion

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