Sirao Flower Farm – Little Amsterdam of Cebu

Amsterdam is very known of beautiful flowers, I mean, if I get an invite to go there I’d go for it and look for those flowers, it’s totally picture perfect for Instagram and I know a lot of people with drool over it. But if you’ve heard about Amsterdam is in Cebu, then you’re totally right. If you’ve got friends from Cebu or have been to Cebu and saw these flowers surrounding them, then it’s totally the famous Sirao Flower Farm.

The Sirao Flower Farm is about an hour away from the city, it’s up in the mountains which is weather perfect to have a flower farm in Cebu. But this flower farm is first known to be the Celosia Flower farm, so please don’t be confused if they’re different. There are now two (2) neighboring flower farms there in Busay Cebu, and the first flower farm is called the “Little Amsterdam” which is the one we visited when we went there.

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Luckily, I don’t only have a photo but also a video blog for my YouTube channel and let me share it with you everyone here just in case you prefer to have more visuals that can help you appreciate more what’s in the Sirao Flower Farm in Busay Cebu City.

Entrance fee at the Little Amsterdam or the Sirao Flower Farm in Cebu is just P50 per adult but for senior citizens you’ll only pay half, kids 7 years old and below are totally FREE! And for those who’ll be asking if you can have parties or a photoshoot here you totally can! For prenup photoshoot they charge P1,000
As mentioned there’s another Flower farm in Cebu just right beside this, and since this is the first flower farm we decided to just visit this farm first and revisit the other one later on for the comparison. So, if you want me to do that and share it in this Philippines travel blog, then let me know! I’m totally in for it as your Cebu travel blogger!

How to Get There?

Aside from joiner tours available from travel agencies in Cebu Philippines, you can totally have a DIY tour for the highland Cebu city tour. I’ll make another travel blog post for this to be in detail, so make sure you’ve joined my fan page to get updates especially when I’m done for that highland tour.

But if you’re just interested to just visit the Sirao Flower Farm in Busay Cebu City, then here are your options.


Habal-Habal is a single motorcycle that you can rent with a driver. They charge per destination or you can pay a fix rate for the entire trip and destinations you want to be included and you can have this. But please note that you’ll be going uphill, if you’re easily scared please don’t take this.

You can find them at J.Y. Square and if they spot you they’ll ALL totally offer you the tour. They usually charge around P300 - P500 per person (at least) but haggle you’re way especially if there’s more than you – I mean you’re not alone. But note, some drivers charge extra if you make them wait longer.

Go to Tops (van)

This is actually the van by Tops Busay Cebu, which is another tourist spot that overlooks the city of Cebu. They have this van to get more people go to their destination, and at the same time be able to invite more people go to other destinations in Busay.

Way back years ago, I don’t want to go in Busay (the highland of Cebu city) because the transportation is hard, taxis charge way too much and it’s hard to find transportation going back down. So this is a great option.

As of summer of 2018 they offer a tour for 3 destinations that includes the Tops Cebu, Temple of Leah, and of course the Sirao Flower farm of Cebu for P500.
This is actually the way we’re able to get to tour around in Busay Cebu, and what you saw in the video. You can find them on Facebook!

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask the questions down below!

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