Sugbo Mercado – Cebu's Weekend Food Market

Who doesn’t love food? Who doesn’t want to make money with food? Sugbo Mercado is where you can find new food stores that offer different kind of foods to people with different taste buds. It’s where who wanna be food business entrepreneurs can test out their product and/or their business through the taste buds of Cebuanos.

The Cebuanos are known to be a great product test market, I’ve heard of this way before when I was in college. Big businesses (not even food business) send their product in Cebu Philippines, test it, if it clicks then it goes national in the Philippines. If it does not click, then there’s a great possibility that it’s not for the Filipino market.
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Moh, G, Channel

And I do think having the Sugbo Mercado is a great idea! I’ve heard there are businesses that actually clicked and now have stores at the malls here in Cebu, and there’s one store there that the owners are call center agents, and their food clicks. They quiet their call center job, and goes full time as a business owner!

But what do people like us, the food lovers, the hungry birds(?) can expect from Sugbo Mercado? Do remember that this is where food entrepreneurs test their products, so not all are really great. And there are some that the first time you’ve tasted is great, and the next time it’s not – maintaining their product quality is their problem. So, don’t expect that all stores are great and this is actually a Cebuano food standard.

I went there twice, and on my second time I was there with Channel and Moh and here’s a quick tour around the place and sharing with you guys my favorite store there!

There are now 2 Sugbo Mercado but the one I’ve visited so far is the one in IT park. They have one in SRP or what they call Sugbo Mercado City de Mare. Both Sugbo Mercado are open on every Friday – Sunday starting 5pm to 11pm

How about you? Have you been to Sugbo Mercado? What are your favorite food stores?

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