Cruising in Indonesia

If you decide to have a different travel experience, then you really think of having a cruise all around Indonesia. The tour starts from the port of Singapore. Singapore is an island country in Asia. Singapore is a universal commercial, financial and transference city and its port is the busiest port in the world. 

Singapore is a city of great national diversity, combining Chinese, and Indian influences. The city offers tasty food, great shopping options, an interesting nightlife and a very cosmopolitan mood. Most of the city's tourist attractions are gathered  in three main areas: the Orthodox Road, the colonial district and the Sentosa.

Jakarta is the first stop on this interesting tour. Jakarta is the capital and largest city of Indonesia and is location is on the northwest coast of Java. Jakarta is a crowded, dynamic city with a steadily growing rhythm. The oldest part of the city reveals its interesting history. The Mona National Monument, which is rising 132 meters above the city, is a landmark of Jakarta. It is worth visiting the National Museum where rare collection of Chinese ceramics from the Han Dynasty is found there.

Leaving from Jakarta and heading to the beautiful city of Semarang is the next destination to the cruise. Semarang is a city on the north part of Java, Indonesia. It is the capital and largest city of Central Java. Semarang has its own appeal with the Dutch influenced architecture and powerful Chinese effects that are found in the temples and the houses. It is worth visiting the Temple of Bormobudur, one of the most famous human creations in the world, which is  in the Kentum region. This Buddhist temple was covered with volcanic ash for almost a millennium until it was discovered in 1814.

Comodo Island is the next destination and it is found in the center of the Indonesian archipelago. It is a part of the Little Souda Island chain and is known for  Comodo National Park, which is one of the richest marine locations. The island is the habitat of the Dragon of Comodo, which is the largest lizard on Earth, and it was named after the island. These giant lizards are the main attraction of the island, but you should be very careful as they are really dangerous.

The next stop is at Lembar is located in West Loboc of Indonesia. Lembar is Lombok’s main port and is mostly a transfer point for guests who want to travel to and from Bali. The whole area is quite attractive and the route to the west coast is picturesque and spectacular.

Bali, which is the most famous place all over Indonesia,is an island and region of Indonesia and is located at the western area of the Sudeten Small Islands. 

Tangzhou Beno is a peninsula in southern Bali, on the Indian Ocean Beach. Here is the Benova, which is the International Cruise Ship Terminal. The island of Bali has an extraordinary landscape with hills and mountains, delicate beaches and sandy coasts and barren volcanic cliffs. Its unique culture is so spiritual. Bali is a earthly paradise with a variety of historical and archaeological locations. It is one of the most popular island destinations in the world. When stopping in this island you can spend the day in one of the private beach Bali has and enjoy the sun and crystal clear waters.

It is very obvious that having a cruise all around Indonesia is going to be one of your top travel experiences. Those spectacular places and the deep blue all around you, when you leave one place for going to the other, is going to be your personal frame of heaven in earth. Do not lose this unforgettable experience. 

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