How to be a Travel Vlogger?

If you are interested in making videos, then becoming a travel vlogger will be one of the most interesting jobs that you will ever have. There is room for making a video no matter where you go.

As a travel vlogger you are simply videoing those special moments and travels from around the world. You can capture those daring moments from an African Safari or the peacefulness of nature or an amazing body of water in the Caribbean. There are certain things that you will need to be a travel vlogger.

Great Piece of Video Equipment

One of the main things that you will need to become a travel vlogger is a great piece of video equipment. The equipment will need to be small for easy handling. It will also need to be durable as you will be using it often inside and outside where debris may be of concern.

Software that Allows Conversion to MP4, MP3, WAV and Other Formats 

Let the masses on social media know what and where you have been. Take your videos to and other social media sites. This world is filled with people who want to experience places that they may not be able to afford to travel. As you become a travel vlogger, make sure and post to social media. Your likes and shares can be endless as you share your video vlogger memories. Get the latest update from the company like freemake and others that allow you to convert your videos to mp3 and other formats.

How to be a Travel Vlogger

Financial Freedom

There is something to be said about financial freedom. With it, you can travel around the world and explore to your heart's content. While you may go to the park up the street, the true travel vloggers are usually world travelers. There are people who pay to see videos of far off places that they could not ever visit themselves. These travel vloggers will sometimes charge for others to view their videos.

Quality Videos

There is something to be said about quality videos. No one wants to see a video that looks like it is homemade. Make sure that your video is of the highest quality, with very little scene breaks and very little static.

Creative and Interesting Video

Make sure that your videos are creative and interesting for your public. There are some travel vloggers who have become quite wealthy from sharing their videos. The more creative and interesting your video, the more public attention you will have. Interested patrons return, while spending more and more money on your videos.


If there is the ability to add audio to your video, then it is always a great idea. Audio brings to light just what you meant to express in your videos. The audio should be well thought out, free flowing and natural as if you were having a conversation with the viewer.

The business of a travel vlogger can be fun, adventurous and sometimes even financially rewarding. If this is something that you are interested in, then do your homework, speak with other travel vloggers and get an idea of the types of video you will do along with what type of audience you want to have.

Will you vlog for athletes, for children, for those in a certain type of industry or just for your family and friends? Make it enjoyable and uniquely you, so that you can keep those memories for a lifetime.

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