26 Hotels in Puerto Princesa City

If you’re looking for a hotel to stay in Puerto Princesa Palawan then hopefully this list of accommodations in Puerto Princesa is worth your time and would be helpful for your trip.

I was able to visit and stay in Puerto Princesa city for 6 days, and we stayed at 3 different accommodations. We intended to do that so I'd be able to give you a comparison for these types of accommodations in Puerto Princesa city and I did not regret it - totally enjoyed it even.

Surprisingly there are a number of hotels in Puerto Princesa that you can choose from, there are also budget and luxury hotels that you can stay at. There are more of a huge number of budget friendly accommodations there, since there are residents there that have made their home as a bed and breakfast.

26 Hotels in Puerto Princesa City palawan exotic philippines travel blogger blog

For the 6 days we stayed there, we stayed at the following accommodations - and let me just say thank you to all three of these hotels who gave their warm support to Filipino travel bloggers like me who just want to promote the Philippine tourism.

Villa Kalachuchi Bed and Breakfast puerto princesa city palawan

For the first 2 nights and 3 days we stayed at this bed and breakfast, it’s actually near the airport but in a city within the forest, and for someone who are from the city it’s a bit far. There are only few transportation passing by there and the place is not beside the street. You have to ask their staff to get you a transpo or maybe borrow their bike to go out and eat. But we totally loved the place, if being away from the busy city or even it's noise is what you want and still not be that far from the airport, then this is the accommodation you should include in your choices.

Panja Resort puerto princesa city palawan hotels with swimming pool
On the next 3 to 5 days, we stayed at this beautiful luxury resort for another 2 nights and 3 days. This is more near to the known Bakers Hill, and actually a neighbor of Mitra’s Ranch. It's actually just about 14 minutes away from Robinson's through their shuttle van, but majority of the transportation there are tricycle and their location is up the hill so it may take longer for other transpo.

So don’t stay here if you want to get easy access of the city but they do have scheduled shuttle to the mall just inform them. But if you want to be away from the city, want a hotel in Puerto Princesa with pool, a great view of the Honda Bay, then this is it! A lot of my friends asked me where is this because they love everything about this place. So check it out and include it in your list!

Blue Palawan Resort puerto princesa city palawan hotels with beach near beach

This is actually a beach resort, this place is on the beach, and have lots of activities for you to choose from if you just want to stay at the resort. If you want a hotel in Puerto Princesa near the beach, then go for this!

Puerto Princesa can bore you, so when you don't want to go out anymore or you've done all the tours in Puerto Princesa Palawan and want a hotel with lots of other water activities you can do, then this might be a great choice. I actually wanted to just do the activities in our last day but we have to go and do the Puerto Princesa city tour.

If you ask what’s my favorite,it would be Panja Resort, their staff are so warm, and you’ll love waking up early in the morning to catch that sunrise, and dude, the pool! - I regret that I just swim in it once. Second is of course Blue, simply because they have lots of activities that you can enjoy while staying there.

26 Hotels in Puerto Princesa

The list will be divided into three different parts wherein travelers and tourists like you are looking for. So please feel free to go ahead and scroll down to see if you’re looking for a (1) Puerto Princesa hotels near airport, or (2) hotels near the beach, or want a (3) hotels in Puerto Princesa with pool.

I’ve broken down the list by making sure that their rooms are air conditioned, and breakfast is included.

Puerto Princesa Hotels near the Airport

There are actually a lot of hotels in Puerto Princesa city that is very near the airport. In this list I’ve made sure that this part just includes the budget hotels in Puerto Princesa, and that they’re just beside a road that you can easily find a transportation - since there are some that are beside the road but only few tricycles will pass by it.

I’ve sort the list as which accommodations is nearest to the Puerto Princesa city airport, so there might be some that you can just walk it. And they are…

Now, if you want to stay at accommodations that are at least three (3) stars or if bed comfort is important for you and want a hotel instill in Puerto Princesa City that is near the airport then here's another choice for you. Do note that there are some here that may be a bit further away from the airport - but not like an hour away, the furthest maybe is about 20 minutes away, but for Filipinos maybe it's not a walking distance anymore. They are...

Puerto Princesa Hotels near the Beach

You go to Palawan because they have those beautiful beach, but will you be surprised if I say there are only 3 accommodations in Puerto Princesa city that has a beach access?

So here are the list of hotels in Puerto Princesa near the beach.

Puerto Princesa Hotels with Swimming Pool

Do note that there are some hotels in this last part of the list that are not near the main road, and have carefully selected the accommodations that I can and want to stay since there are a number of accommodations that have a pool.

If you’re looking for a Puerto Princesa hotels near the Underground River, I’ll be making a separate list on that since it’s about an hour or more away from the city center. The Underground River is actually in Sabang, so it's not ideal to include it in this list. The hotels in this list in this articles are hotels within the city.

Also, if you want a hotels in Puerto Princesa near Honda Bay, I’m not sure why you’d want to stay near there but I suggest you just go for the hotels above.

Lastly, the list above to the hotels in Puerto Princesa are affiliate links, no fees are added to your bookings if you book through that link. So no worries, it's just that I earn a few cents when you book through any link above - it would be great if you do use it to help me on maintaining this travel blog.

If you have any more accommodations to suggest for this list please feel free to comment it down below, or if you’ve stayed at any of these hotels let us know your experience!

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