6 Great Places to Go Camping with Your Kids

Those that love nature usually love camping right from an early age. If you happen to be a parent who has had the pleasure of being introduced to nature as a young child, it’s time that you did the same for your children as well.

The United Kingdom is filled with hundreds of camping spots in various locations, but not all of them are perfect for children. Similarly, there are also a lot of places that kids will invariably love. To help and make that search easier for you, here are six places you should definitely check out if you are planning to go camping with kids.

6 Great Places to Go Camping with Your Kids

Fox Wood Camping, West Sussex

The 34-acre forestland is part of the South Downs National Park and in spite of the facilities being quite limited, car-free Fox Wood is the place you should go to if you want your children to experience what true camping in the middle of the woods feels like.

Muasdale, Argyll

This isn’t the easiest place to reach or camp, so Muasdale may not be ideal for your very first trip. However, if you and your children have a bit of experience, then the trouble is well worth it for the scenic beauty which makes Muasdale such a famous and coveted campsite. It’s teaming with local and aquatic wildlife, so don’t forget your camera or binoculars.

Park Farm, Oxfordshire

There are seven camping sites on this 380-acre site and they are each as picturesque as the other. They have a lot of sheep there and if your children love animals, they will love seeing the baby lambs playing in the spring. It’s perfectly safe and a great place for first-timers to introduce their kids to the thrill of camping.

Cleadale Campsite, Isle of Eigg

Often hailed as the most beautiful campsite in all of UK, even the ferry ride to the isle is a treat, especially since your chances of seeing dolphins and whales on your way over are pretty good. The Cleadale Campsite is completely free for children under 16, although adults will have to pay a dirt cheap fee per night.

Badgells Wood, Kent

The Badgells Wood campsites are a part of the massive Whitehorse Wood and people come here when they want to camp in peace in a secluded place. The 30-acre woodlands have enough space in between the pitches to make sure that everyone can enjoy their privacy even when things get a little busy.

Lee Valley Almost Wild Campsite, Hertfordshire

The name may sound gimmicky, but it really is quite remote and untamed as compared to most sites on this list. Even though the M25 motorway is only about five miles or less from the campsite, it feels truly isolated. Canoeing is part of the attraction and cycling is the preferred mode of transportation from the parking spot to your camping site.

Now that you have a bunch of options to choose from for your next camping trip with the kids, it’s time to make sure that you have all the gear and supplies ready before moving to the site. As you are trying to make your children like the idea of camping itself, bringing a more exciting, kid friendly tent might increase their enthusiasm, for example a kids VW tent is much more interesting to a kid than your general tent.

Also, choosing a vehicle design is a smart idea - when the kids need entertaining (as they often do) they can play in the tent rather than wondering off out of your sight.

It’s all about showing them how much fun it can be to stay in touch with nature and a well-planned camping trip or two every year will do just that.

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