LuLi Island – The Sinking Island

Luli Island actually means Lulubog (sink) and Lilitaw (appear) because it does do that. The island has 3 sandbars, and on one of it you can snorkel, swim, and do diving. There’s also a bar there for those who just want to get a drink and chill there.

You will be able to visit the Luli island during the Honda Bay Tour, it is said to be one of the tourist spots in Puerto Princesa. As someone who’s been to different beautiful island in the Philippines, this island is not that stunning for me. But maybe before it was beautiful, maybe not anymore.

If you’re like me who’s into fishes, corals, there is some fish here, they’re friendly too but quiet territorial. They don’t like people touching their homes, and all of them will try to bit you but then again when you don’t do that they don’t mind you being around them.

The water though is not as clear anymore, you’ll be able to see clearer water on other islands in Palawan but not here.

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We spent about an hour or 2 in this island, we spent it by snorkeling, swimming, jumping of the board, and strolling in the sandbar. There’s also a sand castle maker there, they won’t really say the price on taking picture’s with their sand castle and said any amount of donation will do.

For those who are interested with the bars there, I didn’t check it out. I don’t drink, so I’m not sure how much do they charge for their drinks, if their price is reasonable but surely expensive since they’re an island and have to transfer the drinks there.

Luli island is one of the three islands that you’ll be able to visit during your Honda Bay tour in Puerto Princesa Palawan for P1,300 per person. We’ve toured Honda Bay with Northern Hope Tours whom we’ve also toured with El Nido Palawan with and super satisfied.

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