800 Meters Sabang X Zipline

The first time I've tried ziplining was in Danasan Eco Park here in Danao City, Cebu Philippines. I was so afraid and nervous that time that I wish if ever I fall from that long zipline of theirs, I will land in a water - but no, there's no water to fall at there. That's what made me so afraid.

When I find out about this zipline in Puerto Princesa Palawan, I wish this was my first zipline. And when I was there watching the people ziplining from the mountain to the end of the long stretch of the Sabang beach, I wanted to back out because it was so long and saw the huge rocks before the water - and my imagination played a lot.

From the seaside, you have to walk towards the mountain, and climb 300 meters up of that hill. There's a trail, there's something to hold on to, and road to follow but again, it's a 300 meters up. And for someone like me who doesn't get much of workout or exercise, or at least walking I ran out of breathe. Took me awhile to get to the top but totally doable!

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From the ziplining tip, you'll then be equipped with harness and all. But I wish that they gave me time to breathe, take a moment to enjoy the view. Their staff is all in a hurry, even I asked them to let me take a moment to breathe but they keep on saying "you're ready?". After the third time, I just said yes because it seems I'm bothering them with their job - waiting for others to come to do the zipline - watching and just talking to each other.

But that didn't bother me to get totally pissed because I was so focused, excited, and afraid with the length I'm seeing and of course how far it is from the ground.

I was able to make a vlog about my experience, so you'll not only be just able to read my experience, you'll also be able to watch it.

The zipline is called the Sabang X Zipline, they said to be the longest zipline. Everyone is claiming the longest, but they're undeniably long.

But other than the bored staff on top, the one who was with us climbing up the mountain offered to bring our stuff with him - since he's going to zipline there too to go down. He offered us this so that we'll be able to enjoy our zipline experience, that was thoughtful of him. I think he's the only guy I appreciate who works at that company.

If you ask if it's worth it, totally! The Sabang X Zipline price is P550.00 / person, there's also a superman position available but that day it was not available. I believe the superman is for 750 if I remember it right. Also, if you're scared to zipline down there yourself, all alone, you can do it with a friend. They actually offered that to us, but I'd rather enjoy it alone and it will be too tight and weird to look at. Going solo is I believe more enjoyable.

What do you think about this experience? Do you want to do the Sabang X Zipline in Puerto Princesa Palawan?

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