Watching Fireflies in Puerto Princesa

I've seen a bunch of fireflies before, actually last year in Bohol's Firefly Watching tour. There's only 3 big trees with a bunch of fireflies on it. You can stare at it forever, I've actually wanted that on my backyard - I wish.

So when I heard that there's a firefly watching in Puerto Princesa Palawan, I go for it right away and schedule it. I wanted to see another bunch of fireflies again, and seeing that Puerto Princesa City has a lot mangroves, I've got the feeling that they have more to offer than in Bohol Philippines!

It was around 5pm in the afternoon when they picked us up in Robinsons Place, and then we went to the Baywalk of Puerto Princesa, we were asked which hotel and grouped us. There are only 2 boats there, I believe they're limiting the access per day to give the fireflies the rest of the night free. We waited about an hour for the coast guard to approve on letting us leave the area - for security reasons.

But before going into the layer of the fireflies, they fed us first with a buffet at a floating restaurant. The dinner was surprisingly good. I wanted to eat more but to be safe, I'd rather not - boat ride, waves, don't want to puke.

Iwahig Firefly Watching in Puerto Princesa Palawan

After an hour or so, they asked us to go back on the boat so we could go and see the fireflies. Our guide said that he's hoping there's some planktons too but while taking our trip down the area, we didn't see any.

As for the firefly tour in Puerto Princesa itself, I was able to shoot a vlog but wasn't able to catch the fireflies on the video - it's really hard to catch them on video, when I was in Bohol I also failed that's why I didn't vlog about it since it's a fail. But here's a vlog on the Iwahig Firefly Watching tour in Puerto Princesa - though it's a fail. LOL

Interested to do the firefly watching tour in Puerto Princesa? We had our tour with Northern Hope Tours for only Php1, 200 which includes round trip transfers, the buffet dinner, the tour itself! It's definitely nice to end your night like this in Puerto Princesa city!

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