30 Minutes Mangrove Paddle Boat Eco Tour

I’ve been to a Mangrove Eco Tour before here in Cebu, I’ve never thought that I’ve never seen a mangrove before, but actually I’ve been just passing it by.

But in Puerto Princesa city, it’s hard to miss the mangroves, their mangroves are crazy big, tall, and beautiful.

I was able to get the Mangrove Eco tour in Puerto Princesa city after our Underground River tour. For P350 you’ll be able to enjoy an about 30 minute boat ride in the mangrove forest of Puerto Princesa.
In my previous mangrove tour here in Cebu, I find out how important it is for the sea, for the water, and of course the fish in the sea. But because of how tall their mangroves are, their mangroves are able to protect the corals and the fish when it’s typhoon season here in the Philippines.

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One of the highlights in the tour that we saw is the snake that was just chilling on the tree near the boat, and of course the Bayawak, also known as the giant lizard. Who was also just chilling there in the mangrove tree.

I was able to vlog the entire journey but I didn’t want to spoil the tour for everyone, but at least I can give you an idea about the whole mangrove eco tour in Puerto Princesa Palawan.

The Mangrove Paddle boat tour in the mangrove forest of Puerto Princesa is now being managed and ran by the local tribe, so other than enjoying the view, you’re also helping out the locals there.

I do recommend the tour if you want to get these kinds of photos and enjoy the view, and if you want to see that giant lizard. But basically, this tour is just a sightseeing tour, just another relaxing few minutes in Palawan.

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