3D/2N Stay at Panja Resort Puerto Princesa

With our 6 days and 5 nights in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. We have a number of nights that we can spend at a hotel, stay different accommodations in Puerto Princesa so we’ll be able to share with you what’s the best hotel for you to stay at.

One of the accommodation that we decided is a hotel that is something comfortable, with a great view (that would be great in taking time lapse for my vlog), of course with a swimming pool, and what people that have a great budget for their hotel will stay at.

That’s how we found this beautiful mountain resort, Panja Resort.

Panja Resort Puerto Princesa Palawan Exotic Philippines Travel Blog blogger Vlog Vlogger

Panja Resort

Panja Resort (pronounced: Pan-ya) is a new resort in Puerto Princesa City, located at a hill where just right before it is one of the famous tourist spot in Puerto Princesa, the Mitra Farm – and just right before the Mitra Farm is the famous Baker’s Hill.

* With huge swimming pool
* Beautiful view
* Comfortable beds
* Free shuttle service
* Free airport pick up/drop off

* 14 minutes away from the city
* Hard for tricycles to get there

This resort being on a hill has its pros and cons, being on a hill do gives a great view. I mean really, I wake up early in the morning every day in this resort just to catch the sun rise, to shoot it, and just take a sip of my coffee while watching the clouds passing by just above me – felt like I’m so near to the clouds. But then again, since it’s on a hill, not all tricycle may go for going in this resort, if they do they may charge a bit higher, taxis can totally make it here and even our tricycle did but it has a technique goes along with it – hopefully you’ll get a great driver.

But if this is a problem for you, then no worries. Panja Resort offers free shuttle service from and to the hotel, and offer a free airport pick up and drop off. They actually did pick me up in the airport, but my flight changed, and was not aware that they have this free shuttle thing going on, so we hired a tricycle when we transferred to their hotel. If you’re just transferring to their hotel, you can let them know that they can just pick you up at Robinson’s place.

The road going to the resort is not actually a problem, but the road going to their resort from the public road can be challenging since it’s not yet cemented and the road is going up – which can be challenging for inexperienced tricycle driver.

As for their free shuttle service schedule, it will be placed at the bottom of this post.

Please contact them if you’re reading this post months or years after this post. They might have changes on the schedule.

Since I’m slowly adding video blogs (vlogs) on this blog, and also becoming a vlogger, I’ve made a hotel room tour vlog in Panja Resort. So, for those who appreciate more visuals like me, then this vlog about Panja Resort in Puerto Princesa Palawan will hopefully help.

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Now to be in more detail, let’s talk about the Panja Resort Puerto Princesa Palawan in more detail.

The Hotel Rooms

I actually have nothing bad to say or complain about the room. Everything I need is there, from the outlets (which each of our bed have our own outlet, plus near the fridge), the water heater for your coffee, the contents in the mini bar (they have what I crave or may want to have while working late and their restaurant is closed), the work desk, the hair blower is a total plus for me since I want to dry my hair especially if I want to sleep right after the shower or want to look good.

Panja Resort Puerto Princesa Palawan Exotic Philippines Travel Blog blogger Vlog Vlogger

And the bed! They did not only they have 2 pillows, but another square pillow (what do you call that again?), and for someone who needs a lot of pillows like me, that is heaven! Plus their pillows are in great quality, that you can’t just resist but just to sleep, and get a great good night sleep.

The Hotel Bathroom

The hotel bathroom is not super big like I’ve been to in other resorts like this, but it’s good enough. It has a hot and cold shower that made me stay at the shower longer – yes, I loved it.

They also have this odor absorber, which is another plus, and they’ve provided a lot of your hygiene needs – which I was not able to take advantage since I brought my own but I really appreciate it.

The Hotel Restaurant

Sadly, the only time we ate at their restaurant was breakfast. We were not able to try to dine there since we’re usually knocked out when we’re there – who could resist the bed?

But if you’re wondering how their breakfast is, it was okay. Just like other hotels. I don’t expect much from a breakfast these days, I don’t eat heavy (anymore) when I eat breakfast.

Panja Resort Puerto Princesa Palawan Exotic Philippines Travel Blog blogger Vlog Vlogger

For the 2 breakfast we had there, they served us a buffet. They have eggs, eggplants, a main dish, cereals, and coffee.

The Hotel Room Rates

For the past reviews, I don’t mention the hotel rates since I might not be able to update the post with the hotel’s new hotel room rates. But this time I’m sharing it with you guys so I’d be able to share a couple of tips in getting the room cheaper.

The publish rate on their website has a price around P4,000 – P6,000 but if you contact them directly, and/or book them via the link below, you’ll get the room for P3,870 per night (as of 2017). So let them know if they could give you the room cheaper that what they’ve published on the site.


Exotic Philippines Hotel Ratings

Panja Resort is one of the best resorts you can stay at in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. If you’re not in a tight budget, and a good night sleep is important for you, and of course you want to stay away from the city, then this is it!

If you’ve watched the vlog I’ve made, and watch my other vlogs where we’re still staying at Panja Resort, you’ll actually hear a number of birds chirping.

Plus, if you want a hotel in Puerto Princesa that has a swimming pool, well, they have a huge swimming pool. I can’t even make it to the other side since it may be too deep for me – and I’m not a great swimmer. But I enjoyed swimming at their pool!

Panja Resort Puerto Princesa Palawan Exotic Philippines Travel Blog blogger Vlog Vlogger

I’d love to give this resort a 5 star, but it’s not perfect but I felt like they are. I’ll give them 4.5 stars. Why? They do have an internet, but their internet connection is just in the lobby and restaurant area, so as for someone who wants to work in my room, I need to spend money on the pocket wifi. Also, their shuttle service does not have much of a trip to the city, I totally understand why they don’t have an hourly trip, since you have to wait for the shuttle if you don’t want to spend money on getting a taxi to pick you up there.

If you really want to get out and don’t want to wait for the taxi, they have a taxi guy and he charge P250 and the drop off will be anywhere in the city. We actually got him since we want to go to the city, his taxi smells a bit and not that well maintained, but I think he’s the only driver who’s game on getting guests at the resort.

Will I recommend you this hotel?

Panja Resort Puerto Princesa Palawan Exotic Philippines Travel Blog blogger Vlog Vlogger

Totally! We enjoyed and loved our stay here in Panja Resort Palawan. If my family want to go to Puerto Princesa and ask if this hotel is good, I’d totally recommend it.

Having a good night sleep is really important for me, and having a great bed, a great pillow really helps in knocking me out fast – since I find it hard to sleep but at this hotel, I find it hard to resist to sleep.

What do you think? Do you love this hotel? Have you stayed at this hotel? Share to us your experience!


Bay Vista Road, Bgy. Tagburos
Puerto Princesa, Palawan
Website: www.panjaresortpalawan.com
Facebook Fanpage: facebook.com/panjaresortpalawan



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