First Time Flyer Guide in Mactan Cebu Airport (Domestic/2017)

I’ve written this first time flyer guide in Mactan Cebu Airport years ago, way back 2014 but one of you guys asked for an updated one. I can’t update that post again since that’s already out dated. Plus, I’ve got a better and way to help you guys see what I see and really be able to feel like you’ve already done this before, but not really.

With the help of my vlogs, I’ll be able to help you guys really feel that you’re with me in my trips. This time, guide you through the Cebu airport. It will also be easy for me to update since I just have to embed the guide around the Mactan Cebu International Airport if needed.

This guide is for the Cebu Domestic airport, there will also be another guide for the Cebu International Airport on a different video, on a different blog. For this guide, here’s the video guide.

A lot of people go to the right by mistake when they enter the Domestic area door. Go to the left, the entrance is there, the one on the right is going to the International airport.

Basically, just follow the flow of the people. But if just in case that there’s not much of people like on the vlog, just look around and follow the signs, or best, just ask some personnel in the airport.

As for the Mactan Airport terminal fee, it is already included in your ticket. No need to go to the counters to pay it. But the Cebu airport I believe charge Php200 per person.

First Time Flyer Guide in Mactan Cebu Domestic Airport Philippines Travel Blogger Blog G Dumaguing

What to Prepare Before Going to the Airport?

  • At least 1 Valid ID. This is to really confirm that you are who you say you are. Since tickets can’t be used by anyone else. For example, if I book a ticket, and I can’t use it, I can’t just let someone else use it without asking the airline to change the name.
  • Your Ticket. I know that ones you book your ticket it says “print this out”. Actually the instructions have that too. But these days, you really don’t need to. Just have a screenshot of your ticket, just make sure that your name, the flight details is included, or best to download the ticket on your phone. The airline check in counter does not usually ask for this, it’s the guards of the airport, making sure you’re there to board an airplane.
There will also be another guide for the arrivals, if it’s your first time coming in Cebu and not sure where to go and what to do in arriving in Cebu airport arrival. That will be on in another guide, another First Time Flyer Guide in Mactan Cebu Airport for Arrival.

If you’ve got any questions or want to clarify some details, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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