How to Book a Flight at Cebu Pacific Air?

Since I wrote a blog post about a First Time Flyer Guide in Cebu Airport for Domestic flight, I’ve been receiving a number of questions about airlines, and other flight related questions. One of it is how to book a flight at Cebu Pacific Airlines, one of the airlines here in the Philippines, the only airline that have a number of flights around the country.

I am a visual kind of person and it will only make this blog post very long and make you scroll a lot if I write it line by line, so I decided to make a vlog about it to guide you through.

Sadly, Cebu Pacific Air by now have updated their website but the process is pretty much the same. At least you have an idea on how the process goes and get a couple of tips from someone who booked a number of flights on their site already.

Still want to know how to book a flight at Cebu Pacific Airlines yourself? Watch this vlog!

How to Book a Flight Promo?

Booking a promo flight is pretty much the same, just take notice of the flight dates, the date of the promo they have and destinations that they have a promo.

For example if they have a flight promo from Cebu to Manila for Php599 All in for the travel period of October to December this year, and the promo will end today. The promo is not applicable for Manila to Cebu flights, on October next year, or if you’ll book tomorrow.

I hope this couple of tips and this how to guide on booking a flight at Cebu Pacific Air help you a bit. If you have any questions or blog or vlog request, feel free to let me know!

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