5 Things You Should Know About the Oslob Whale Sharks

I’ve read a lot of things on why people don’t support or don’t want to go to see the whale sharks in Oslob Cebu. I totally understand why they come, why they don’t. I myself actually have thought about it like a hundred times if I should go but as of this moment I’m writing this blog post I’ve been to the whale sharks in Oslob 4 times already.

I’ve talked with the guides who was with us, they gave us some facts about their livelihood and their life with the whale sharks so I thought, why not share it with you?  Just in case you have the same thoughts and troubles if you should go or not to see these magnificent creature that in a number of countries it’s no guarantee if you’ll see them.

5 Things You Should Know About the Oslob Whale Sharks

The Whale Sharks Are FREE to Leave

One of the things that I’ve heard why people don’t visit the Whale sharks because they don’t like caged animals. They want them to be free.

Well, great news, they’re actually free. They actually leave the area and go down to the deeper area to sleep after their hours of meal by the tourism. So technically, people who go there are feeding them.

I was with my high school friends when I was able to ride with a chit chatty guide and he told me that these whale sharks can leave. They actually be gone for months and comeback. They’re that familiar with the whale sharks that they can recognized them, like one of the whale sharks they named “Bali” (English: Bent) because of his bent tail – they don’t know why his tail is like that.

The Whale Sharks Invites More Whale Sharks

Remember the whale shark named Bali?

Well, he’s the one who they said that likes to invite other whale sharks to come to Oslob and get some free food every day!

Usually when I visit them it’s just around 5 of them, maybe more but never been more than 10. But summer of last year (2016) when there are around 25 whale sharks on that spot. Imagine the people being surrounded with these giants, they all went crazy that there are times the whale sharks just suddenly appear below them, and some just suddenly cross right in front of them.

It was so crazy that people from 2-3 boats hang on one of the boats, and then the boat sunk. But none of them were afraid, they all just laughed while they’re being rescued. I guess it was the happiest rescue.

Fishermen Used to Make Them Leave Oslob

Let me bring you back years ago, and please know that I am not only making this story. It was the chit chatty guide who told me about their history with the whale sharks.

What they’re feeding the whale sharks these days is their favorite fish, I forgot the name of the fish but that’s why they don’t bother about these humans following them and swimming with the whale sharks because they want that fish that is being fed to them by a boatman.

That is the same reason why they’re there, Oslob has a lot of fishermen, and that tells you one thing, there are a lot of fish in that area. That’s why these whale sharks in Oslob are there, because there are a lot of fish for them to eat, and that’s the reason why these fishermen don’t want them there because these whale sharks eat the fish that they supposed to catch to make money out of.

I am not sure nor they did they even tell me if they used to hurt these whale sharks so that they would just leave and look elsewhere to eat fish.

The Guides Are Fishermen

Want to know why these guides know how to handle the boat and knows the whale sharks very well? Well that’s because they’re the fishermen who used not to want these whale sharks to be there.

The Whale Sharks in Oslob is there Even Before the Tourism

So years ago, when this guide of ours was still little, him and his friends do swim around this area and play with these whale sharks. They said they used to ride on their backs, touch them, dive with them, pretty much treat them like dolphin because they know they’re harmless creatures.

So yes, the whale sharks was not strategically placed there, nor is there for tourism. They’re just there even way before I was born, or you are born.

What do you think?

Do you still not want to go to the whale sharks? Did you hear a different story?

For you not to go and support this, I totally understand. I’ve got that feeling for the past 3 years before I went there first because it’s not natural for them to be with humans like this. Whatever you believe in, whatever you believe what is right, whatever you think is best do it.

I don’t go there because I’m their 100% supporter, I am usually there because I was asked to go there for a video shoot or photo shoot. Or, a friend wants me to go there with them. I am not writing this because I am their supporter, but because I want to clarify things that you might have heard bad about.

Do you want to the whale sharks in Oslob Cebu?

I’ve made a video blog about it so I thought that might be totally useful for you. If you decide to the whale sharks, and don’t want to hire a travel agency and just want to do it yourself, then just watch this video.

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