Tumalog Falls in Cebu - The Curtain Like Waterfalls

Have you seen the curtain like water falls in Cebu?

Tumalog Falls is now one of the favorite water falls in Cebu, and it’s started to be known more and more and I don’t wonder why.

It’s one of the falls in Cebu that took me years before I was able to go. But I was able to finally visit this talked about falls.

Cebu is a lot more known of the famous Kawasan Falls, not only because it’s where your last jump will end for the Canyoneering in Badian but also because of it’s cold, light blue clean water, and 3 tier falls. To be honest it’s my favorite falls, not until I’ve visited Tumalog falls.

Tumalog falls is located in Oslob Cebu, just few minutes away from the whale shark watching point in Oslob Cebu. It’s usually the included side trip from travel agencies, or even for DIYers who visits the whale sharks in Oslob – since the whale sharks are gone after 12 noon, you have the rest of the afternoon free.

Tumalog Falls in Oslob Cebu - The Curtain Like Waterfalls

Want to find out more about the Tumalog Falls?

Luckily, I was able to make a vlog about my first visit of the falls and I have actually visit the falls the second time with the pretty TJ Lee of Cup of TJ – who also finds the falls beautiful.

But in the video below, the vlog was with my friends, the one with TJ will not be published since it’s too repetitive on the vlog. So I suggest that you subscribe to my YouTube channel since it’s a lot more updated there.

In the vlog, I was with my high school classmates that I haven’t seen for like 12 years and they asked me to bring them along with me to the whale sharks and the Tumalog falls.

What I like most in this waterfalls is that the water is not that deep, because the water that falls is not focused on one place, it's spread. Totally safe for kids!

I love floating in the Tumalog Falls, because what I see above is such a priceless view. Try it yourself!

How to Get to Tumalog Falls?

If you’re not planning to do the swimming with the whale sharks activity, you can take the bus going to Oslob, since Tumalog Falls is in Oslob. You can just tell the conductor of the bus that you want to be dropped at Tumalog Falls.

There will be single motorcycles waiting just beside the road willing to take you to the entrance, it will cost you Php100 for round trip, the entrance fee is included. And no, I don’t recommend you to walk it, it may take you hours since the road going there is going up hill.

If you’re planning to visit the whale shark, there are motorcycles in the whale shark point area that offers you Php150 round trip fee that also includes the entrance fee. If there’s more than 3 of you, there are tricycles that can fit up to 4-6 I believe, that will cost you around Php 200-300 for all but it will just bring you on the side of the road, you’ll have to pay another going to the falls.

From the entrance of the Tumalog falls, you can either walk or ride another motorcycle going down, I highly suggest you walk it. So you’ll savor and enjoy the view and be with nature. Going up, I suggest you ride the motorcycle so you’ll enjoy the ride going up it will cost you Php 20 – if I remember it right. Sorry.

If there’s anything you want to ask or to clarify, please feel free to comment down below. Feel free to share some info too!

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