Cruising in a Gulet Ensures Lasting Memories

If you want to take a gulet cruise Turkey is the place to do it and specifically the Turquoise Coast, some of which faces the Greek Islands and some where the next stop south is Africa. Gulets vary in size and the larger ones offer plenty of accommodation for groups who want a week or more sailing the seas. Captain and crew will take fresh fruit and vegetables aboard as required and thus this is full board accommodation in a stunning environment.

The Coastline’s Highlights

Much of this region was part of the Lycian Empire and there are minders of their presence in many places. The famous rock tombs that overlook the pleasant town of Dalyan are extremely interesting for clients who itinerary includes stopping at the world famous Iztuzu beach and then taking a boat trip through the Dalyan Delta for a short visit.

Likewise much further down the coast heading east there are the ruins of Myra, an important trading city of the Lycians. Romans passed that way too and in the Middle Ages it was variously Venetian and Genoese traders and Arab pirates who sailed these waters.

There are several modern tourist resorts as well. Bodrum faces west directly at the Greek Island of Kos while if you are then heading south you will pass the tip of the Datca Peninsula before heading a little way east to the town of the same name. The Greek Island of Symi is close by while if you continue on there is Rhodes, the largest of the Greek Dodecanese Islands and Marmaris on the Turkish Mainland.

Fethiye rightly deserves its place as one of the highlights on this coastline. It is a growing town with several attractions in its own right and surrounded by history and modern tourist attractions as well. Tuesday is market day while the Fish Market in the centre of town is any day.

The deserted Greek village of Kayakoy is a short drive over the mountains while there is also Babadag Mountain, the Blue Lagoon and Oludeniz Beach, one of the most photographed for travel publications anywhere, certainly in the Mediterranean/Aegean Region.

What Do You Bring Along?

You will not be needing anything too formal if you are going to book with Luggage requirements are a minimum. Obviously you will need swimwear because there will be plenty of opportunities to swim every day. The weather through the summer months means that the sea is guaranteed to be warm.

Almost the next thing, after your money and documents, should be something to protect you from the sun’s rays. There is rarely a cloud in the sky and the sun is strong. You should not lie and sunbathe for too many hours each day. Although after the first day you may not notice that you are going brown, in no time at all you will have a healthy tan that will be the envy of everyone back home.

Shorts and T shirts should make up the bulk of your clothing other than the clothes that you need to fly. Life is completely casual as in fact it is on the mainland if you decide to spend a night ashore. You don’t have to because your captain and crew will provide all your meals but it is sometimes nice to drop anchor and visit a bar in one of the Turkish resorts on the coastline.

The time will fly despite your having lazy days one after another if you so choose. A little history and culture may provide some variety but it is never compulsory. With the independence provided by your own gulet charter you can pretty much do as you like.

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