Seafood Paluto All You Can for P680 Only!

I love meat, but seafood also have a special place in the deepest part of my tummy. So who am I to say no when the Isla Sugbo Seafood City at Grand Convention Center located at Banilad, Cebu City invited me to come over and get to try their Paluto All You Can promo.

What does this mean? It’s like SuTuKil set-up actually, wherein you’ll get to choose which ALIVE and/or FRESH seafood you want to be cooked, and how you want them to be cooked. For example, if you like their Grouper fish you may tell them you want it as sweet and sour fish – which I highly recommend by the way.

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Are all just seafood? Nope, if you want to mix a bit of veggies or meat in your table, there are barbecue pork and pork belly, even veggies available. We were actually served with grilled pork belly and veggies too!

Want to watch our Paluto All You Can experience at Isla Sugbo Seafood City? Here’s my vlog about it!

You saw the Mud Crab and Rock Lobster? Is that included? The Mud Crab is part of the premium, so it’s not included in the rate but you may still request it to be cooked but for an additional fee. For the Rock Lobster though, YES! It is included in their Paluto All You Can!

For the complete list of the seafood and meat that are included in their Paluto All You Can promo, they are:
  • Boneless Bangus
  • Chicken Thigh
  • Chicken Wings
  • Egg
  • Guso
  • Katambak
  • King Fish
  • Kitong
  • Korean Oyster
  • Lambay
  • Lapu-Lapu
  • Live Lapu-Lapu
  • Live Pompano
  • Live Suahe
  • Maya-Maya
  • Mol-Mol
  • Octopus
  • Oyster
  • Pompano
  • Pork Barbecue
  • Pork Belly
  • Red Grouper
  • Rock Lobster
  • Salmon
  • Sea Mantis
  • Sole Fish
  • Squid
  • Stone Fish
  • Suahe
  • Tanigue
  • Tiger Prawn
  • Whole Chicken
For the veggies, the included are:
  • Asparagus
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Cauliflower
  • Eggplant
  • French Beans
  • Kaylan
  • Oyster Mushroom
  • Scallop Meat
  • Taiwan Pechay
  • Tanghochay / Polonchay
  • White Radish
If you’re interested with their premium items they are:
  • Bamboo Lobster
  • King Crab
  • Live Sea Mantis
  • Mud Crab
  • Red Suno
  • Tiger Lobster

Of all the dishes they served us, what do I recommend? I recommend the Sweat and Sour Fried Grouper fish, Grilled Pork Belly, the Rock Lobster (not sure how it was cooked), and the Mud Crabs with Salt and Pepper.

The Paluto All You can Promo of Isla Sugbo Seafood City at Grand Convention Center is for OCTOBER ONLY. The whole month of October, any day, every day, for only P680/person.

For more information you may visit the GrandCon fan page below or for reservations you may call (032) 260-8000.

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