Aquapod – Product Review and Testing

GoPro monopods are mostly expensive, especially those who are made by GoPro or known GoPro accessories maker brand. I myself invested to a P2,000+ selfie stick for my GoPro but due to my carelessness, it didn’t last at least 2 years.

Today, we’re going to look at an imitation of one of the selfie sticks that I want from a branded company, and got the same stick with same features for more than half the price of that brand’s GoPro selfie stick.

But first off, let me just say that this is not sponsored or in any way paid by any company. I just really want to share the stuff about it since I think for fellow travelers like you who also use a GoPro this will be helpful.

Aquapod Product Testing

I’ve actually made a vlog about it, showing you if it does really float even it’s just an imitation of the original product. Because after all, we want it and bought it because we want something that floats, and not just any monopod stick for your GoPro.

Check out my video on YouTube, wherein I was able to test it at an AirBnb accommodation we have in Bohol Philippines where we have an access to a resort’s swimming pool and tested it right there.

Watch the full video wherein I put a GoPro on it, since the first part has no GoPro on the stick. I’ve also used the stick for my GoPro Hero 4 Silver in our Batangas trip, and had no problem with it.

Aquapod Product Review

The Aquapod is an imitation of GoPole Evolution or also known as GoPole Evo. The GoPole Evo costs around P3,000-P4,000, I bought my GoPole reach for around that price. While the Aquapod I’ve got costs just around P800.

The features I want from GoPole Evo is on the Aquapod, which is have a stick that floats just in case I’m snorkeling and let go of it accidentally. And yes, I’m that careless and stupid sometimes.

Aquapod – Product Review and Testing GOPro Selfie Stick monopod Exotic Philippines Travel blog Blogger vlogger GoPole Evo Evolution

I think the only issue or concern I have on this product is that even you lock it tight, the extension wiggles and makes that noise plus I’m scared and have this thought if it’s that durable to handle jumps (like my jumps in the Cebu Canyoneering) or while scuba diving.

But so far, it was able to handle the strong waves in Batangas, and had no problem with it.

For its price and features, it’s an okay product. So, if you’re looking for that same features, then this is it. This will be enough for you who are like me, looking for a great product but within in our budget.

Aquapod Rating: 4 Stars out of 5.

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