Crossing the Hanging Bridge in Sevilla Bohol

I’ve been to Bohol three (3) times now. Toured and tried the Bohol tour about 3 times too, but on my third tour, finally I was able to visit the now so famous and talked about, featured on TV series, the Bohol hanging bridge.

The hanging bridge in Sevilla Bohol have been actually featured a lot of times on TV. But it become more famous when it was included in a teleserye here in the Philippines and today it has been inviting more and more tourist in and try the experience themselves.

Well, since Cebu Trip Tours (the travel agency that toured us around Bohol Philippines) offered to bring us there, who am I to reject?

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The Bohol Hanging Bridge Experience

At first I was really game, but seeing it in person and how long the hanging bridge is, it did scared me. But it’s not like I was shaking, or freaking out. But a bit concerned if the bridge will be able to handle the heavy weight champion blogger of the world!

I did ask the guides there though, if I’m good there and if I won’t fall and of course if the said hanging bridge Sevilla Bohol will be able to support my weight plus the weight of the other 4 friends with me.

The people there did assure me that it is strong, it has 6 cable wire supporting the whole hanging bridge Sevilla Bohol and our driver did told us that they do have schedule maintenance of the bridge every 3 months (if I remember it right) – which means changing the whole bridge to a new one, new wires, new bamboo, etc.

With that assurance, I was a bit more relax but then Moh, one of the friends who’s with us that day is making fun of me and he’s trying to shake the hanging bridge Sevilla Bohol and I was afraid to be out balance since they did warn us that the river is quiet deep. But he keeps on doing it anyway, so if you have a friend like that, as a travel blogger don’t bring him along with you – ha!

Someone from the other side was taking pictures of us though, it was from the locals there. I think they’re just recording who was there plus of course you’ve got the option to print it. Not sure though if it’s okay to ask for a copy, wasn’t able to ask for ours.

But really, other than that it was a great experience to be able to cross it but what’s on the other side? There are vendors there that sells shirts, foods, and some other stuff for pasalubong. Our driver said that it is a lot cheaper compared to other attractions since you have to cross the Bohol hanging bridge to get there. It’s true though, it’s cheaper there.

The hanging bridge Bohol entrance fee is P20 per head, and that includes the bridge going back. So technically the payment is P10 per way, per head – which is just okay.

Got any question about the hanging bridge Sevilla Bohol from your Philippines travel blog? Or got something to share about it? Please leave it as a comment below!

Travel Tip: Ask for your photos on your way back from the guides there.

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