Day Trip to Dive and Trek in San Luis Batangas

First off, let me just say that the purpose that we went to Batangas and stayed in Batangas City is because of Anilao, the said to be birth of scuba diving in the Philippines. Finding out based on my research that is just an hour away from Batangas city, and it seems majority of the Anilao accommodations are too expensive or fully booked. So we decided to just stay in Batangas city.

So yes, we just want to go scuba diving in Batangas and we found Dive and Trek. I checked the map and it seems that it’s just on the corner going to Anilao. I was stupid to conclude that it’s still an hour away, but I did ask them on how to go there, and the instruction seems to be just still an hour away.

But apparently, Dive and Trek is way too far from Batangas City, it’s more nearer to Lemery, which is about 2 hours away from Batangas city, and from the town of Lemery, it’s another 2 hours tricycle trip to the Dive and Trek parking where the boat will pick you up, from there it’s another boat ride – maybe an hour of boat ride. And that does not include the time you have to wait for the van to be full, and the tricycle to pick you up from Lemery.

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Our visit in Batangas is chaotic! It’s all negative! But the visit to Dive and Trek was almost perfect, if only we have more time there – we were not aware of the distance and we were just informed on that day how far it was from where we are and it was on that day when we were informed what time we should be there.

But it was a great place though. The food was great, it was the best so far that we’ve tasted in our visit in Luzon area.

For you to be able to see what we’ve been through, and appreciate Dive and Trek, watch the vlog I’ve made for our day trip there.

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Dive and Trek is a great place if you want to see fishes, go snorkeling, I also heard it's a great place for scuba diving. But then, it's more nearer in Lemery, not in Batangas city or Anilao. But I guess it was meant to be for us to be there than be in Anilao since a lot of people did say that Anilao is not that great anymore for snorkeling. Still, it's up to you! But maybe one day I'll get to visit Anilao and dive there, just maybe.

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