5 Must Visits at the Camp John Hay Baguio City

The Camp John Hay in Baguio City is one of the destinations or tourist spots in Baguio City. What can you do at the Camp John Hay? Where to go? What to expect from it? Then, you’re reading the right blog post on this travel blog.

We didn’t have a tour guide with us, we just go for the DIY (do-it-yourself) tour around the Camp John Hay. So I can’t give you any explanation about the history, I don’t even know why it’s named the Camp John Hay or who’s John Hay in the Philippine history – but if you do know, feel free to share it below as a comment.

5 Must Visits at the Camp John Hay Baguio City

Anyway, here are the top tourist spots or destinations you can visit at the Camp John Hay.

Treetop Adventures

When the Treetop Adventures in Baguio opened, the Camp John Hay was known for this. People go crazy and just want to go here, especially when it was featured on TV shows.

At the Treetop Adventure in Baguio you can do the zip lining, canopy walk, silver surfer, and other stuff. But since I’ve tried some of these stuff before I wasn’t attracted to it at all or at least got that feeling of wanting to try it. The zip line was just short (for me).

But then, if you go there and like it from the look of it, then go ahead and try it. Especially if you haven’t tried it before, that will be a great intro.

Butterfly Sanctuary

Their butterfly sanctuary was really hidden, but it’s there, you may read about it on my blog post about the Camp John Hay Butterfly Sanctuary.

Butterfly Sanctuary Of The Camp John Hay Baguio City Philippines

It was okay, the care taker was very kind in entertaining us but the butterfly sanctuary in Bohol is much more better – way a lot better. But thing is, butterflies are not for cold temperature places, so that’s why they don’t have much of a butterfly there. If you want to see some beautiful butterflies you can find some other sanctuaries that are a lot way better.

The Bell House

The Bell house is just a house, I believe he was one of the high ranking men at the camp that he has this big and beautiful house. The house is a bit old, the rooms are actually creepy since they kept it as is. Plus, there’s no guide so there’s no one to explain what was going on or even the history of the place.

Read more about the Bell House at the Camp John Hay through my blog post.

Bell Amphitheater

The Bell Amphitheater is just right beside the Bell House, it’s like the garden area of the Bell house but formed like an amphitheater. Not sure why, but the grounds that day was not as colorful as I’ve seen on photos, or maybe they’ve just adjusted the saturation on their photos.

Bell House and Bell Amphitheater at Camp John Hay

But still, it’s a nice field but not that nice that it can make me want to go down there and take a photo of myself – which some people would love to do.

Cemetery of Negativism

I’ve seen the cemetery of negativism on a famous TV series here in the Philippines, but was curious about it too. But again, since we didn’t have a tour guide, I didn’t really understand it much. Sorry!
But if you want to get a better idea of what we’ve experienced at the Camp John Hay the day we visited, then watch my Camp John Hay vlog (video blog).

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