Butterfly Sanctuary of the Camp John Hay Baguio

Butterflies are not ideal for a place with a cold weather, so them having in Baguio City made me feel curious about how they’re able to manage these butterflies be at their sanctuary. That’s when we did want to visit the Butterfly Sanctuary at the Camp John Hay of Baguio City.

Our first stop that day at the Camp John Hay was lunch (of course), then from there we started walking and tried looking for the Butterfly Sanctuary – which was a great challenge because we’ve been depending on Google Maps and it’s totally pointing us wrong.

We found the huge sign about the Butterfly Sanctuary of Camp John Hay but we couldn’t find it anywhere near there. Instead, we saw this paintball area and zip line, so we were totally confused about it.

Butterfly Sanctuary of the Camp John Hay Baguio

Good thing I decided to enter near the paintball area entrance and saw the sign pointing to a corner where there’s another sign pointing to somewhere where we could find the Butterfly Sanctuary – did you get that? LOL. But it was fun trying to find it since we'd love to share about it here in the travel blog.

So we just follow the sign, and led us somewhere deeper and further away from the zip line area – not really far by the way.  And Viola! We found the Butterfly Sanctuary of Camp John Hay!

Butterfly Sanctuary of the Camp John Hay Baguio

We got inside, registered, and we were entertained by the care taker there who was apparently from the southern part of the Philippines, therefore he speak our dialect, Bisaya! We talked and he was entertaining us, taking pictures of us and all – and yes, he’s the one who took that picture above.

It was a great visit, but as a travel blogger and having the pleasure visiting other places in this country, I’ve been to better butterfly sanctuaries that has a lot of butterflies and even larger area. But then again, who could blame the butterflies there, it was cold.

Is it worth the visit?

If you’ve never been to a butterfly sanctuary, or just like us curious. Then go ahead. But if your time is gold, you want to visit the best spots, then just skip Butterfly Sanctuary and go chill somewhere else in Baguio City.

Entrance Fee:
Adult - P60/person
Kids - FREE

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