Chilling at the 7 Commandos Beach

One of the El Nido Tour A’s stop is the beautiful 7 Commandos Beach. From afar, you can then start to notice the long stretch of white beach, and when you step your feet on those sands, it’s so thick that your feet will bury to the white sands.

Finally, our last stop, the 7 Commandos Beach! A stop where there’s comfort room! I actually ran to the comfort room, but made me too tired because it was hard to run at their white beach.

I love the beach right after I got off the boat. The rest of the people on the boat goes to this huge cottage so we just follow the crowd and found that they’re selling food and drinks. Be warned, it’s expensive, so bring some cash. But I was way too thirsty to think about the cost. I’ve tried their halo-halo and it was not that worth of the price. Haven’t tried their shakes, but I’ve got a feeling that it was powdered shake, not fresh fruits.

Chilling at the 7 Commandos Beach El Nido Palawan Exotic Philippines Travel Blog Blogger

We mostly spent our time at the 7 Commandos Beach chilling, just relaxing. Enjoy the people playing, kids running around, and puppies with their cute and adorable face.

The beach is awesome too, the waves are strong that I went down when it hit me while I’m going up, riding the boat. There’s also a swing there that you might want to try, the foreigners was using it, and I think they’re a bit tipsy. But they’re having a great time there.

We were at the 7 Commandos Beach for about an hour and head back to the main land at El Nido Palawan town which is about more than 30 minutes away.

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