Finding the Secret Lagoon of El Nido

One of the destinations of El Nido tour A is the Secret Lagoon. It’s so secret that it won’t be that obvious that there’s a lagoon on that beautiful beach, on that seaside, but then the tourist will give you that idea that there’s something there and there’s that part that you can get into. But what’s in it, well, you have to check it out for yourself.

We docked at the beach around 12noon. The tour guide and the boatman have to prepare our meal first so they told us that we should go to the lagoon first while preparing our lunch. So we did.

They just pointed us out there, and just followed the others where they are going or where they’re from. Noticed a lot of people are going into the rocks, and no holes are obvious that you can enter until you come in really close and you’ll see the hole.

Finding the Secret Lagoon of El Nido Palawan Exotic Philippines Travel Blog Blogger Vlog

Going in the Secret Lagoon is a bit tricky, and can be hard for some people. So, I’ve included that part in my vlog about the El Nido island hopping tour A so you’ll know how to get in. No worries, it’s not super hard, it’s doable, just be calm, and follow the instructions of the tour guide, or of other guides that other groups are with.

The Secret Lagoon is not really big, it’s maybe the smallest lagoon I’ve been into. It’s not as pretty as other lagoons in El Nido Palawan too. But maybe you’ll be amazed by the rock formations, and the plants growing there, but that’s pretty much it.

It's more worth it outside the lagoon, so don't spend much of your time inside the lagoon. Just go snorkeling outside since there are actually fishes there, there's even a fish who bit me there, it hurts, so I guess it was big. Other than snorkeling, just take pictures on the rock formations outside.

We stayed at the Secret Lagoon for less than 30 minutes, and just went out because there are a lot of people coming in and less people coming out. So it can be crowded in that small Secret Lagoon.
Do wear your aqua shoes (if you’re renting or own one) or your slippers or sandals. It can be rocky going to the hole of the lagoon, and even slippery so be careful with the steps.

Don’t forget to roam around that area and take awesome pictures too, or cool down at the cool beach side.

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