On Top at the Mines View Park

Baguio City is well-known for a lot of stuff, a lot of spots to just chill and be refreshed. I was curious and that’s why we did go to Baguio, one of the tourist spots that is top on my list is the Mines View Park.

The Mines View Park is basically an overlooking view of the outskirts of Baguio. The view are mountains, the sky. If you’re from CebuPhilippines or have been in Cebu and visited Busay, or Tops view. Then you could compare it that but the Tops here in Cebu looks a lot better at night due to the city lights.

In Baguio’s Mines View Park during the day is just the green mountains and the sky. A lot of people who were there said it’s refreshing, it’s beautiful, but as for someone like me who have been to mountains, saw some mountains, climb mountains, grow up in a mountain, the view is pretty ordinary.

On Top at the Mines View Park Baguio City Exotic Philippines Travel blog

For me, as a Cebu travel blogger who have seen more beautiful view that this, what they’re saying is actually over rated. As a travel blog who goes somewhere every now and then and saw different beautiful views, and as I grew up who lives in an area surrounded by mountains this is an average view. Also, if you take a look at Cebu travel blog out there, you can see Cebu has more to offer than this view. But for a city person, or a person who grow up or in a city with tall buildings majority of their life or most of their days, then this view will be refreshing for them.

There are a lot of tourist there when we visited, it was crowded. A lot of families, kids, couples, and friends were there having their own bonding time. The viewing area was crowded too that I couldn’t take a picture without anyone else in the picture. That’s how crowded it was at Mines View Park. 

The Mines View Park is free, open to anyone and everyone. Is it worth the visit? If you like the picture in this post, and want to see it in person then go for it! If you feel that it’s too ordinary, then well, at least you can say you’ve been to the Mines View Park of Baguio City.

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