Lunch Stop at Talisay Beach

After our challenging entrance to the Hidden beach El Nido, our next stop was the Talisay Beach wherein we had our lunch prepared by the tour guide and boat men of Northern Hope Tours.

They needed more time to prepare our lunch, and our tour guide kuya Alfer told us that we can take a swim, snorkel near the rocks and see some beautiful fishes. Told us that if we’re not confident in swimming or snorkeling to stay along the side of the rocks because further from that is really deep – and it was indeed deep.

Lunch Stop at Talisay Beach El Nido Palawan Travel Blogger Exotic Philippines

Just few leg strikes from the boat I spotted the clown fish nest right away, and go there. Spotted a pair of clown fish with a friend fish – sorry, it was not Dory, but he sure was angry that I was there watching them.

Lunch Stop at Talisay Beach El Nido Palawan Travel Blogger Exotic Philippines Angry Fish

We also saw some small fish at the Talisay Beach of El Nido, actually a school of small fish. It was dazzling, since they’re sparkling, the video that I’ve made showing them is not half as beautiful as it is.

At the shore, there are also some big rocks there that you can actually climb and sit, or stand on to take some awesome photos, just like the first photo that I have in this blog post. I sat there for more than 5 minutes, took some photos, and enjoyed the view. Then they called me to go down to take our lunch.

We took our lunch on the boat, there’s no good spot for us to take our lunch on the seaside since we’re on the side, and there are a lot of boat’s that are already there in Talisay Beach El Nido. But the boat lunch wasn’t bad, and you’re forced to talk to with the people you’re with since you may ask to pass the food to you – which is great, make more friends!

We stayed at the Talisay Beach El Nido for about an hour, and left the area around 1PM since there are another two (2) El Nido tourist spots that we need to visit that is included in the El Nido tour C which are the Secret Beach and the Matinloc Shrine El Nido.

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