Secret Beach El Nido Palawan – No Secret Anymore

The Secret Beach is another reason why we think that El Nido island hopping tour C, stands for “Challenging”.

It was windy, the wave is strong, and it was cold – well, for a Filipina. But we needed to jump off the boat, swim, go to the hole, and be able to spot and get into the Secret Beach El Nido.

I haven’t also mentioned that the water from where we jump off the boat is really deep, I can’t even see clearly where it ends - that’s how deep it is. So, if you’re not a confident swimmer, make sure you have your life jacket on, it will also help you be not too cold with the cold water and breeze.

No worries, if you’re worried that it’s still deep inside the Secret Beach, well, it’s not. There are a lot of rocks there, that you can immediately step on, and rest after swimming in a cold breeze – if it’s also cold when you’re visiting.

Secret Beach El Nido Palawan Exotic Philippines Travel Blogger Blog

Inside the Secret Beach El Nido, there’s a white sand, and it’s like a small pool but the bottom is of course rocks, and sands. I also saw a big fish there, and he was really cute there swimming with all the tourists though he do tries to avoid us, just watching us.

Inside is actually surrounded with the rock formations, really beautiful but when we were there, there’s just too many people inside. Would’ve been a great place to take some awesome shots, but the people there might just block the great view.

If you’re planning to take this tour, then check out the shore, the mini cave, also behind the rocks since there are some beautiful rock formations there. I wasn’t able to take a picture there because foreigners are lining up there to take their selfies inside the rock formations – but it could’ve been cool for me. But you might do that instead.

Watch the video, and check out the beautiful El Nido tourist spots we visited during our El Nido tour C.

After our Secret Beach stop, we visited the Matinloc Shrine of El Nido Palawan where we’ll see the top view.

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