Fly from Philippines to Chaoyang Theatre Flying Acrobatics in Beijing

China has become an increasingly popular tourist destination amongst Filipinos, with nearly half a million yearly visitors. That’s more than double the amount of Chinese who travel to the Philippines! One reason for such an influx of tourists is the abundance of low-cost flights to major cities in China. For example, Cebu Pacific airlines can take you from Manila to Beijing from as low as $2 per flight during it’s lowest seasonal promotions.

While you could go and check out the modest but highly skilful performance of the Philippine Acrobatic Troupe, why not fly to Beijing instead. To see an exciting nightlife venue, known as “Chaoyang Theatre” which proudly presents the renowned Flying Acrobatic Show! A must see for anyone who wants to get an original glimpse of the magical Chinese show atmosphere. Read on to know more about the performance.

Fly from Philippines to Chaoyang Theatre Flying Acrobatics in Beijing

Flying Acrobatic Show at the Chaoyang Theatre

The Flying Acrobatic Show at the Chaoyang Theatre is one of the greatest acrobatics spectacles in the world. The colorful show will surely take your breath away! It is therefore no wonder that the show has remained one of the best acrobatic productions in Beijing for many decades. The show features spectacular choreography, awesome stunts, and superb performances by highly trained acrobats, thereby making it one of the most popular night spots in the city.

Among its many attractions, the Flying Acrobatic Show at the Chaoyang Theatre features gymnasts, tumblers, spinning plates, contortionists, hoops, spinning spindles, and varied daredevil acts like blindfold rope skipping, juggling, etc., on top of huge spinning wheels.

The Chaoyang Theatre

Chaoyang Theatre primarily showcases acrobatic performances and gives an insight into the surreal world of Chinese acrobatics. It acts as a form of bridge between the world and the traditional culture of China.

The theatre was established in the year 1984. It features 3 cinemas, a hall, etc., and is spread across 3000 square meters. The Beijing Municipality declared the theatre as a fixed place of performances for tourists in 1986. The Chinese Ministry of Culture later nominated it as the “National Cultural Advanced Unit.” Eventually the theatre came up with the idea of an ‘acrobatics world’ so as to boost the tourism market as well as enrich and enhance its offerings.

Located towards Beijing’s east 3rd ring road, the Chaoyang Theatre is connected to the CCTV tower and the Jinguang Building, thereby placing it at a great geographical location along with customised space and easy access to transportation. It thus has great relevance and potential in enhancing the business prospects of Beijing. The different acrobatics performances held at the theatre have been lauded by IOC officers, foreign presidents, and other dignitaries.

Over the last 20 years the theatre has delighted over 3 million audiences and viewers from all over the world, while also taking care of the safety of the many important dignitaries and heads of states who visited the place. The latest offering of the Chaoyang Theatre is the mesmerising ‘Flying Acrobatic Show.’

The Flying Acrobatic Show

The Flying Acrobatic Show features various performances and artistic feats by acrobatics that are simply unbelievable. The show first appeared on a Beijing stage in 1980 and has since then become a global phenomenon and the recipient of several prestigious awards.

The Chaoyang Theatre has two shows of the Flying Acrobatic Show on a daily basis. The price of the tickets vary as per the seating arrangements. Visitors are not allowed to take photos or videos inside the theatre.

The show features extravagant props, colourful costumes, booming music, and high production values. But the main attraction are the acrobatics that seamlessly melt into different acts by other acrobats. A few incredible acrobatic performances include varied exercises on a giant wheel; a single acrobat arranging chairs on top of each other and then climbing to the top of the chairs; and a single girl riding a bicycle with a new girl climbing on the bike, till the bike has 12 girls on it thus forming a human pyramid.

Have fun and let’s fly to China with the flying acrobats!

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