3 Ways on How to Get to Boracay

3 Ways on How to Get to Boracay Philippines

I went to Boracay last year along with 3 other fellow bloggers from Cebu Philippines. We tried to find different ways on how to get to Boracay to save some money, even it’s the hardest way to go for.

Today, I want to share our experiment with you so you’ll have other choices other than the plane. These 3 ways that we know if might also help for your travels, especially if you want to jump from place to place.

Here you go!

Via Plane at Caticlan Airport

The most common way and quickest way to get to Boracay, yet the most expensive too because airlines charges a lot for this. From the airport, you may then look for tricycles offering rides to the Caticlan port and if I am right you’ll just have to turn right when you’re outside the airport. The tricycle ride for about 5 minutes will cost you P50. You also have the option to go to the ticket booth wherein the tricycle ride and the port ticket cost is already included.

TIP: You may get a cheaper charge if you’ll be able to share the ride with someone, especially if you’re just alone.

Via Plane at Kalibo Airport

The flight to Kalibo is a lot way cheaper compared to the Caticlan airport, you may save thousands of pesos too when you go for this option but it will take about 1.5 hours to 2 hours to get to the Caticlan port. There are vans and buses that goes to the Caticlan port, the van’s charges are P200 per head but they usually wait for the whole van to be fully loaded before leaving.

Via Ship or Plane at Ilo-ilo

This is how I can be more detailed with since this is the way we did it since we did drop by for 3 days at Ilo-ilo City for another task at WithLocals. We actually took a ship ride from Cebu to Ilo-ilo which is an overnight trip from 7pm to around 8am. You may also take the plane instead since the plane ticket to Ilo-ilo is cheaper than Caticlan too.

It’s best to choose this option if you want to drop by at Ilo-ilo since it will take about 6-7 hours to get to the Caticlan port via bus for P350, and about 4 hours if you take the van for P400 per head.

3 Ways on How to Get to Boracay Philippines Via Ship or Plane at Ilo-ilo Ilo-ilo City Port

Ilo-ilo City Port

I am not sure where to find the van to get to Boracay, but whether you go for the van or bus you can totally tell the taxi drivers what transportation you want to go for since they know all about it. Some taxi drivers may also offer you a deal to drive you to the Caticlan port but it will be wiser if there are a lot of you (about 4 to 5) and there’s a lot of baggage with you.

3 Ways on How to Get to Boracay Philippines Ilo-ilo City Bus Terminal

Ilo-ilo City Bus Terminal

TIP: The air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned buses trips from Ilo-ilo to Caticlan at 3AM and last trip is 1PM. I highly advise not to go for the last trip, since the bus trip may take 7 hours, which what happened to us and we were all in a rush because when we bought the tickets we got the last trip boat to Boracay port.

If you’re up for a long drive, there’s actually a fourth option but I am not that familiar on how that works.

Now, it doesn’t stop there. All we talked about here is how to get to the Caticlan port, all of the 3 options above is going to the Caticlan port. So then, how to get to Boracay from the Caticlan port?
From Caticlan Port to Boracay Port.

Now at the Caticlan port, you can’t just ride the boat to Boracay island but you have to pay fees. A lot of fees.

Check out the fees and tickets!

3 Ways on How to Get to Boracay Philippines Boracay Terminal Fees

Boracay Terminal Fees

From Boracay Port to White Beach

What I was happy about when I arrived at the Boracay port is that there are actually some women there greetings us even it’s already 6pm and asking us what is our hotel so that they’ll guide us through which ride to take. They asked too if I’ve set some arrangements with my hotel to pick us up, they’re asking because there are hotel electronic tricycles waiting.

The tricycle ride will take you at least 10 minutes to get to the white beach area (it’s where the station 1, 2, and 3 are), and will cost you P100 per motorcycle – so if you’ll all fit in one tricycle then that’s it. But you’re going alone, and riding with others it will cost you P20. Don’t forget to tell the driver what’s your hotel.

Did Exotic Philippines missed anything? Do you have questions on how to get to Boracay Philippines? Then please go ahead and leave it as a comment below and I’ll try to answer it as best as I can.

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