3 Coron Islands Beach Bumming Tour

If you’re following me on Instagram or like our official fan page, you’re surely updated that I’ve been to Coron Palawan last month for a break. Yes, it was in early June not April to May, but it’s still summer for me. The real summer is the season I’m really busy with work, and since my work load is a bit lighter and it was my birthday week, that would be really great to just take a break and go offline.

Anyway, I was so lucky and loved that Asia Grand View Hotel and Sea Coral Lodge in Coron provided me the accommodation so I could have this awesome and unforgettable adventure with two (2) fellow bloggers. Plus, not just that Blue Lagoon Adventure Travel & Tours also took care of our tours there in Coron for 5 straight days. I’m so blessed with these awesome people that I don’t know how to thank them enough for supporting this travel blog and my fellow travel buddies and bloggers.

3 Coron Islands Beach Bumming Tour

Malcapuya Island, Bulog Dos, and Banana Island

In the beach bumming tour in Coron Palawan, you’ll be able to visit the beautiful islands which are the Malcapuya Island and the Bulog Dos. But I’d highly advise for you to add the Banana Island in the itinerary since the three islands are just near to each other and Banana Island is beautiful too. Again, the Banana Island is not included actually in the package, but you may request to add it.

But why visit these islands? Why you should totally go for the beach bumming tour in Coron? Well, here are some simple reasons for you to visit these islands.

Bulog Dos

Bulog Dos island is just a small island that you can see almost everything from the top, and finish roaming around in just about 30 minutes. We just stayed there for about an hour, take pictures, swim, and just leave.

The sand is beautiful, the view is awesome, and it's just the neighboring island of Two Seasons of Coron. Want more photos, then read my blog post on Bulog Dos Island.

Malcapuya Island

If you're going to ask which island you should totally visit? Well, I'd say this one especially if you want this kind of pictures taken.

Malcapuya Island Coron Palawan Philippines (43)

The locals of the island actually fed the fish that's why they're coming out, that's why I have these shots taken which was a great experience. It's far from the seaside, but it's not that deep.

Read more about my FISH TRIP at Malcapuya Island here.

Banana Island

The Banana Island is the island where we have our stop at to take our lunch and take another snorkeling. Our cottage have a beautiful view, and the waters are clear.

Banana Island Coron Palawan Exotic Philippines Travel Blog

Read more about my Banana Island trip here.

Visiting these three beautiful islands in Coron is totally a must try. It’s where you’ll realize that you have a great alternative to Boracay Philippines. Though t takes about 2 hours to get to the first island which is Bulog Dos, the other islands are just nearby and the trip is totally worth it!

What to Bring?

In this tour alone, well actually I think all the tours in Coron you should totally bring the following:
  • Towel - your hotel might have a beach towel that you can borrow, Asia Grand View Hotel did provide us.
  • Snorkel and fins - highly recommended to rent one. You can inform the tour guide before you leave the port or when you book. Rent is only P150 each per day. 
  • Waterproof Camera – I was with my GoPro Hero (yes, just a hero) which cost around P7,000 ($129).
  • Sunglasses – I left my sunglasses which was a gift from Zalora at Malcapuya. I was just too happy I think and amazed that I forgot about it. But really, you need the sunglasses especially if you’re visiting there during summer.
  • Sunscreen– Flawless actually gave me their first bottles of their Skin Protect Miss with SPF70 and works like magic.
  • A bit of cash – I didn’t bring any cash when we visited the Malcapuya and I was really thirsty and since it’s an island mineral water is limited there and expensive. So since the locals there are selling the coconut (fresh, as in it’s still a coconut, in a coconut shell, freshly picked) it for P50 I asked to borrow some cash to our tour guide (LOL). But I paid him immediately of course at the boat.

Coron Beach Bumming Tour Itinerary

If you've been reading Exotic Philippines for at least a while, then you might know already that I'm a sucker on tracking time. I hate tracking time. So with the itinerary, all I can give you is what time it started and ended, plus what we did within the time.

8:00 am - ETA at Coron Port.
8:30 am - ETD at Coron Port. Need to ask permit and be checked by the officials in the port for security purpose. They check if you're wearing a life jacket, and if everyone have one.
10:30 am - ETA at Bulog Dos Island. We were given 30 minutes to swim.
11:00 am - ETD to Banana Island.
12:00 pm - ETA at Banana Island and take lunch.
1:00 pm - ETD to Malcapuya Island.
2:00 pm - ETA at Malcapuya Island.
2:30 pm - ETD back to Coron Town.
6:00 pm - ETA at Coron Town.

Again, please take note I'm a sucker in taking notes of time. These are all estimate (in terms of time) in this itinerary. But surely we did start around 8:00 am and ended around 6:00 pm. But I think it took us more time to go to the islands because it was raining, it should be from 8am to 5pm.

How much is the Coron Beach Bumming Tour?

The beach bumming tour might be a bit pricey for you. But, it’s totally worth it. Kill me if it’s not.
Please take note that you have to travel to the islands, it’s also like island hopping at the same time. So that’s why the cost might be a bit high for you, it’s because of the boat transfers. But I swear, it’s a must experience.

Anyway, here are the rates for this tour.

Malcapuya Island Escapade (Beach tour) 
Price: P2,000/pax
Destinations: Malcapuya Island , Bulog Dos
Additional pax for Malcapuya Escapade is at 1500/pax

Malcapuya and Banana (Min. 5 pax)
Price: P1,850/pax

Inclusions: Buffet picnic lunch, boat and life vest, all entrance fees and park fees and gov`t. taxes, free 2 bottled water during tour, snack (Filipino delicacy: puto, suman, biko, pitsi-pitsi), Service of trained guide.

Coron Islands Beach Bumming Tour Video

Now, to give you the more errr... near to reality view of what to expect from this tour. Here's a simple sample video for you to enjoy.

Where to book this tour?

As mentioned above, we got our tour from Blue Lagoon Adventure Travel & Tours and we’ve actually requested for Ryan, since Gretchen of FilipinaExplorer.com have been with him before when they visited Coron few years back. So, they’re tried and tested! You should totally book the tour in this agency.

Blue Lagoon Adventure Travel and Tours
National Highway, Bgy. Poblacion 1
Coron, Palawan, RP 5316
E-mail: coronbluelagoon@gmail.com
Website: www.coronbluelagoon.com

Got any questions about this tour or my experience? Please feel free to leave it as a comment below!

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