Cruising On Dolin: It Is All About Experience

Dolin is a standard gulet in Croatia this is the first impression what you get. But this impression will dramatically change during your cruise and in the end you will say what an experience.

Cruising On Dolin It Is All About Experience

Let start from beginning, we came to Zadar port in the morning. It is a nice place typical Croatian view where you can see the sea, small hill and old chapel. Nothing special so far but I can still say it is cool. Then after we bough what we need to drink, because in Dolin you bring what you need for beverage, we boarded and after few minute the trip started.

Cruising On Dolin It Is All About Experience

In the boat there are 3 men and the captain they were quite and a bit busy but also very friendly and even when they had hard work, they were smiling and nicely talking to anyone of us.

Slowly we went through the golf of Zadar, and we started to see the open sea. Only blue that’s it this what anyone are looking for. The color was amazing sometime dark blue and then more lighter both color were amazing and so clean that you can see very deep down even small fishes we could see. I thought that we had luck that the weather so perfect that sea are very calm but one of the crew he say that it is always like this nice and calm, amazing.

The time went so fast that we didn’t feel even that it is lunch time. To be honest I didn’t feel that I am hungry at all or let say I forget. Our focus was totally on the sea and how nice it is.  And lunch time,

Cruising On Dolin It Is All About ExperienceWe went back in the boat and surprise the table is full with dishes and very fresh bred that has an amazing smell. No one on earth can resist this smell; we got also very tasty soup with a lot of vegetable and very fresh fish, of course fresh if we are on boat in the middle of the sea. Then the main food, a very big fish to every one of us and also sea fruit salad it is just amazing we all of us ate and enjoyed the very good taste of everything.  Not only the taste but also the good mode of the crew and the way how they serve I don’t say 5 star and all the boring staff, no but they make you  feel that you are them special guest at home. This is better than 7 stars services for me.

Cruising On Dolin It Is All About Experience

After eating, drinking, talking, smiling here we are somewhere between hundreds of islands. Yes I am not wrong or kidding it is hundreds of small islands alone no one else with us what an amazing surprise, I heard before about this place but I never imagine that it is so nice. Only small islands around you nothing else. I though that’s small island it is amazing cool, but I looked down what a bigger surprise the color of the water I will describe it and you can imagine it is very clear not green not blue not dark green not even dark blue not turquoise but nicer , in one second I almost jump in with my clothes inside within a second we were all of us swimming what a great place. We all enjoyed every moment and what is the best that you weren’t expected that.

I wish that I could stay the whole summer on that boat going around that amazing islands and enjoying the nice weather and the very special meals. But suddenly it is not possible and after all it is possible one time every year. Even possible to any one yes any one even you can be the next.

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