The New Exotic Philippines this 2015

If you’ve been reading my blog since it started, then you must have surely noticed that I’m changing a lot to my blog frequently.

Yes, just give me few months, less than a year most likely I’ll change it again. From the website theme, the logo, even my style of posting blog posts in this blog have changed at least once to twice a year – sorry!

And yes, you guessed it right, I’ve made some changes to Exotic Philippines blog, the good news is it’s only the logo, but I love it!

The New Exotic Philippines this 2015

Yes, we now have a mascot, and it’s no other else than me. That’s actually me, a cartoon version of me, or let me just say a Bitstrips version of me. I’ve made it myself using Bitstrips. What I like about this is that I’d be able to make different poses for this and if I feel like it, maybe some hilarious ones.
Sadly, I emailed Bitstrips for the permission to use this because I don’t want to break any law. After waiting for 2 weeks, and the need to update my blog, plus the want to use the new logo, I just have to announce this now, with our without their permission.

Hey Bitstrips, I did email. Don’t want to break your hearts guys but I’m very much willing to work with you guys to make this all legal – hopefully no financial terms, can’t afford. But surely, with this hopefully people who haven’t tried your app will try it now. *wink*

Any other more changes?

I will be also changing the blog’s design this is because it seems that the layout does not give me enough conversions like before – it lessens when I changed the theme, I guess you guys don’t like it much.

I’m still looking for a suitable theme for the blog, sorry, it’s just that Exotic Philippines blog is just under blogspot/blogger and it’s not easy to look for a well-designed theme that I will also like.
Give me few more months since I’m also busy with work, weddings (not my wedding), and itineraries (hurray for me!), and I’ll surely make everything here good for you guys. But please, bear with me and this current design and surely I’ll update it with a better one.

Got any suggestions for Exotic Philippines as a travel blog? Leave it as a comment below and if I like your idea, I may possibly implement it.

Hope you like the new logo too!

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