5 Things You’ll Love About Turtulele’s Ukulele

5 Things You’ll Love About Turtulele Ukulele Cebu Philippines Guitar Exotic Philippines Travel Blog

My 13 years old niece have been asking and begging me to get her a Ukulele. I’m not sure at first if it’s because her friends have one or that she’s really into it. Since I live near this very known factory of guitars, I asked if how much is their Ukulele that’s good enough for a kid who wants to learn playing it. They did have a cheap one, but it looks like a toy, I check out the higher priced one but I’m not quite sure if it’s good enough – needed help from the experts.

As months passes by I forgot all about it but my niece keeps on reminding me about it every now and then – that she really would love to have her very own ukulele.

We’ll luckily for me and her, someone heard her prayers and it was granted by Turtulele’s and the DWYC's head of Product Development, Reginald Bernaldez. I brought it home, asked my brother to come over and bring the kids, and surprised my niece.

It’s been about 2 to 3 weeks already that she have been using her Turtulele, so I asked her few days ago what she loved about it so I can share it with everyone here who may also have kids who are begging for them to get one.


5 Things You’ll Love About Turtulele Ukulele Cebu Philippines Guitar Exotic Philippines Travel Blog

Yes, it’s a fiberglass ukulele! It took Reginald a lot of time to finally get the perfect Turtulele, but it’s a great quality fiberglass ukulele.

Not Easy to Break

Because it’s a fiberglass ukulele, even your kids drop it by accident it won’t easily break or scratch. Believe me, I accidentally (not intentionally, promise) dropped it at the mall. Still looks perfect when my niece got it. She didn’t even know I dropped it when I told her, and she was like “Nooo! You didn’t!?!”

Light Weight

And because it’s a fiberglass, comparing to other ukulele it’s very light.

Design Quality

Other than being a fiberglass, the paint on it is actually hand painted. You may even ask them to personalize the ukulele for you.

Sound Quality

Reginald told us that the sound quality of this ukulele is like the P4,000 ukulele, I can’t prove this or guarantee this to you because I’m no expert but my niece brought her ukulele at school and she was able to compare the sound quality to her classmates ukulele. And my 13 years old niece and classmates proved that her gift from Turtulele has a higher sound quality comparing to her classmate’s expensive ukulele.

Like Turtle?

Well, Cebu Philippines is known for the guitar quality. And years back, they used to kill turtles for this because it is said that the turtle’s house gives you a really great sound quality. It was stopped of course, but the ukulele of Turtulele’s design was inspired by that.

5 Things You’ll Love About Turtulele Ukulele Cebu Philippines Guitar Exotic Philippines Travel Blog

So yes, NO TURTLES are harmed for this ukulele.

Want to grab one for yourself? You may find them here:

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