Park Inn Davao by Radisson Review – A 5 Nights Stay

Park Inn Davao by Radisson Hotel Review

Exotic Philippines Hotel Rating:
3.5 stars out of 5

* A walk away from SM Lanang
* They have a minipool
* Big and comfortable beds, comforter and pillows
* Well maintained and clean rooms
* Clean Bathrooms
* Cold, well maintained air-conditioner
* Complete toiletries
* Hot and Cold Water
* Far from jeepneys

* Slow service at reception
* No air vacuum in the comfort room

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October 23, 2014 – I was invited to come to Davao City to cover the BIMP EAGA event, and they checked me in at Park Inn Davao by Radisson for five (5) nights and six (6) days. After that, since I extended another day and they couldn’t cover for it anymore I stayed at ALU Hotel Davao – which is one of the affordable hotels in Davao.

Please take note that I did not pay for my stay at this hotel in Davao nor the hotel sponsored my stay. It was paid by the event organizers so I can cover the 4 days event – which was really awesome and I was able to meet other people from other Asian countries.

Anyway, we’re here to talk about my experience and review of the Park Inn Davao hotel. So let’s start with the details that I can share with you guys for my Park Inn Davao by Radisson review.

Park Inn Davao by Radisson

The hotel is just a walk away from the SM Lanang Premier. Yes, they’re so near that there’s actually a skywalk connected from the Park Inn Davao hotel to the mall which is really an advantage especially when it rains.

As for the transportation, since the hotel is near the mall you can easily find a taxi. But if you want to take the jeepney, you really have to walk (about 10-15 minutes) to go to the highway and take the jeepney.

When I arrived, the hotel boy assisted me with my bags and I go right away to the front desk to get my room. But then, there seems to be a problem because they find it hard to find my name (later I found out that the same happened to the other blogger who also covered the event). But it didn’t took hours or so, just about 5 to 10 minutes maybe – a miscommunication maybe.

The Hotel Rooms

Park Inn Davao by Radisson Hotel Review

When I got in to my room, I was actually like “WOW!”. It’s not really big like other Radisson hotels, but just big enough to go around.

I’m not sure what type of room I have (since I wasn’t the one who booked it), but they only have three (3) types of rooms and I believe this one is their standard room. I love the color combinations, and how it makes me feel relax and cool when it’s actually hot outside.

To be honest, every time I am in my room I feel so relaxed that I can fall asleep anytime. There was even one time that I just eat my lunch in the room, wait for my friend to finish what he needs to do and I fall asleep. I don’t usually fall asleep easily like that, I can stay up all night if I want to as long as I am not bored.

Park Inn Davao by Radisson Hotel Review

Their beds are so big (for me) that I think three (3) people can sleep on it. The bed is also comfortable, and the comforter is warm and big, and I love it. There are also four (4) soft, comfortable, and big pillows on the bed that they’re so many for me that I don’t know where else to put it. I just grab them all! I just really love the pillows, I wonder what’s the brand of the pillow, I want to get one.

Park Inn Davao by Radisson Hotel Review

As for their workstation, it’s actually simple and I love it. As someone who works at home, I actually wish my room have this kind of workstation. It’s high enough for me (maybe because the chair is also adjustable), it’s soft and cool for my laptop. For someone who’s in Davao Philippines for a business, I think the room will be really enough.

Park Inn Davao by Radisson Hotel Review

Attached to the workstation, (I’m not really sure what you call it) a (kind of) chair where you can sit on or put your bags, just under the chair you can place your usual shoes or more bags there.

There are actually a lot of place where you can put your things, there’s also one under the bed side table too. I have a lot of stuff that I want to easily access, so this was totally a plus. Also, there’s a mini (vault?) box on your wardrobe – some find it a plus.

I hardly use the coach. I don’t have a visitor in my room but I did use it once or twice just to try it for myself. But you’d surely choose the bed over the coach. LOL.

Park Inn Davao by Radisson Hotel Review

There’s also an LCD TV plus an electronic kettle with coffee and tea in your room – total plus and useful for me!

The Bathroom

Park Inn Davao by Radisson Hotel Review

Their bathroom is not huge but big enough. They have a pair of toothbrush, lotion, toothpaste, and other basic hygiene needs – the bottled of mineral water is also there. There are also a lot of white towels provided in different sizes that I was confused what the others are for. I also love the mini mirror that you can bring in closer to your face, plus the hair blower.

What I don’t like with the bathroom is that their toilet doesn’t have enough water during “your call of nature” that some may stick to the toilet – sorry if you’re eating. And when you do the call of nature, there’s no fan absorbing the odor that it may go out to the room. Good thing that no one’s with me. Ha!

Also, other bloggers complain about the complimentary DOVE body soap and shampoo, it was nice that they have Dove (because I’m a Dove girl due to my skin condition) but the others don’t like it. It was okay with me though.

Park Inn Davao by Radisson Hotel Review

I love their hot and cold shower and sink water – so careful when washing your face or brushing your teeth since you might twist it to hot water.

The Amenities

Park Inn Davao by Radisson Hotel Review

Good thing that I really insisted to take advantage with their skywalk connected to the mall, I was trying to find their gym and their pool and bar, and yes their just located there at the second (2nd) floor.

I was not able to try their mini pool (I really want to try it though), it’s not that big or deep but just enough for anyone who wants to swim and dip in. I’m not a gym type of person, but yes their gym is also located on the same floor just near the elevator.

They also have a meeting room, but I don’t know where and how big it is.

The Restaurant

I’m not sure if you’re able to eat there other than breakfast. But sadly, that time when were there was Halal week, and there’s no good food. No bacon, no ham, a lot of eggs, tuna, fish, fruits, breads, cereals that one day I just ate the fruits.

Park Inn Davao by Radisson Hotel Review

For food rating, it was okay. Nothing really special and I can’t really blame the hotel since it’s (again) Halal and there are guests from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.

But I wish they just made a separate area for us to get some meat. We wanted some meat! Bacon!

Park Inn Davao by Radisson Rates

I actually don’t know their room rates, but please do feel free to click on the button below to go and check out their hotel details and rates.

Exotic Philippines Hotel Ratings

I want to stay there again. I guess that summarize my experience with Park Inn Davao by Radisson. Up to now thinking about the room and the bathroom, I love my 5 nights and 6 days there but yes I didn’t like the food.

Park Inn Davao by Radisson Hotel Review

Their staff also was nice, they greeted me when I pass by them. They also knock on the door if I want them to clean my room, and really (super clean) the room. I even loved the way my room is when I arrived that I realized on my fourth day there that I actually have a good view – because I didn’t open the curtains. LOL.

If you want me to rate Park Inn Davao by Radisson, for this hotel review I’ll rate them 3.5 stars out of 5. If I have the money, and if I want to bring my family in Davao Philippines then I’ll book them here. It’s near to the mall, few minutes away from the airport, and the room is really good enough for me.

Will I recommend the hotel? Yes, that’s if you’re looking for a business and higher class hotel.

Will you be able to find a cheaper and as good as this hotel? I’m not really sure, but if you want cheaper, surely you can find one but if you want the same quality of service in a cheap price, I don’t think so.

Got something to share or ask about Park Inn Davao by Radisson?

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