10 Must Bring Items in Your Boracay Getaway

10 Must Bring Items in Your Boracay Getaway

November 2014 I was in Boracay Philippines with three (3) other fellow bloggers from Cebu. It was our first time in the beautiful island of Boracay, we’ve done some research and stuff to find out what we should be prepared for. So, today through this article I was to share with you my tips on the ten must bring items in Boracay.

These items listed are items that you should bring other than your regular travel. Hopefully, with these items I can help you enjoy more your getaway in Boracay. Here are the ten (10) must bring items in your Boracay getaway – that is basing on my experience.


When you say swimwear, what I can think of immediately is bikinis and swimsuits which is not my type since I’m a fat. For me, my swimwear is a boarding shorts and a shirt – still planning to buy a rash guard. Most of the people in Boracay do wear the bikini and swimsuits, so if you’re comfortable wearing it then go for it.

I only brought my usual swimwear, thinking I’ll be only swimming in the beach once or twice I only brought 2 pairs. I was not able to count the pool of the Boracay Holiday Resort which I really wish to try, but lucky Mary brought a bikini (yes, a bikini – and she force me to wear it and she loves it and I’m like, yuck!? I’m fat.) so I have the swimwear for the pool. But then, we totally lack in time to try the pool so we’re not able to try it.

Sun block

One of the important things that I forgot. Good thing Chanel and Mary was prepared like a girl scout, and they brought a sun block for the body, and another one for the face – lucky me, no sunburns!
The sun didn’t hurt that much for us since it was that season of the year in the Philippines that it usually rains. The sun is there but you can still stand the heat and loving it, it’s a total balance of the heat from the tropical sun and the wind.


Speaking of the sun, on our second day there we were out in the open and the sun light is really lovely but then you might not be able to take it any more longer. So, bring your sunglasses! But I forgot to bring mine, so I bought one in Boracay.

If you did forgot yours, and want to know where you can buy one. You can actually buy it in the beach area of Boracay. Some locals will walk around the beach area and sell it to you, but here’s a tip go to the station 2 area (near the McDonalds area) since it’s a lot cheaper. The people walking around selling it, sells their sunglasses around P200-P300 but one you buy one from the Station 2 it costs around P100, and don’t forget to haggle.

Flip Flops

I brought some shoes with me since we came from Ilo-ilo to go biking. But in Boracay, it’s an island, there are a lot of sands, so it’s wiser and better to bring and wear some flip flops.

Flip Flops
Wearing shoes or closed shoes will just let the water get inside the shoes. Plus, even though your shoes is a waterproof (or whatever you want to call it) the water will still get inside and surely it will be heavy for you.

I even wear my flip flops and still there are some white sands in my feet, and I didn’t realized I brought it into our room too, to our shower. Though it's nice to walk barefoot in the white sands of Boracay, you'll still need something for your feet. So get some flip flops!


I was not able to purchase a waterproof camera, and the only camera that I brought was my Sony Bloggie and my Canon DSLR – and none of them are waterproof.

Most of the activities in Boracay are water activities, so I can’t definitely bring my DSLR with me. The Bloggie is small but still it’s not a waterproof camera, but it serves the purpose of taking pictures and videos. But no matter how much I want to I can’t take videos underwater and not worrying of getting the camera wet.

If you want to share your experience online, want to take a picture of your moments in Boracay, it’s highly advisable to bring a waterproof camera with you. There are some cheap ones sold online, or you can just go for the GoPro Hero 2014 which is sold around $130. I’ve heard it’s good enough for the purpose.

Waterproof Bag

If you’re like me who doesn’t have a waterproof camera and have your cellphone with you in the beach then get a waterproof bag. Don’t dive or swim with it (with your gadgets in it) since it will still get wet, the purpose is that when you go jetskiing, or in the boat your gadgets will not get wet. Or as in our case, it was raining in the afternoon so though we’re in an open boat my gadgets did not get wet though I was wet head to foot.

You can also buy one at the Boracay Station 2, I forgot how much it was but it was around P100. Still do try to haggle especially if you and your friends are buying.

Small Bag

I actually have my backpack with me and my sling bag, if you have something more smaller and not bringing a DSLR with you then bring a small bag or body bag. A bag that your phone, camera, and wallet will fit in.


This is only optional, but a must bring when you’re visiting Boracay during the raining season in the Philippines. Which I believe around October to December. We were in Boracay in November of 2014, and when we arrived it was raining, the next night it was still raining, so we’re not able to go out twice at night because it was raining.

There are some locals selling this too in the area. Not sure how much was it but if you have one and you’re visiting on the same season, then bring it.

Selfie Stick!

If you’re a selfie addict like most Filipinos. It’s best to bring your selfie stick since it can help you capture a photo of you with a beautiful background. This is pretty useful when we were parasailing, check this out.

Boracay Philippines Para sailing


Lastly, bring your own medicine. I didn’t see much pharmacy there but I do know there are some but they’re not that near and it’s kind of hard to walk to a pharmacy when you’re not feeling well (and raining).

I did have my headache, I was not able to bring some medicines so we did walk around and ask locals if they’re selling some paracetamol.

That’s it! That’s my top 10 must bring items in Boracay Philippines! If you have anything else to add, please feel free to leave it as a comment below and share it with everyone.

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